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Woman wearing for years, dead twin in the belly

A 17-year-old Indian woman has worn for a lifetime to a deformed dead fetus in. It was your own twin, as Doctors report in the journal “British Medical Journal”. The mass in the belly of the young people was, therefore, to 30 inches long and 16 inches wide, and contained hair, bone, and teeth. Such a case would have identified Doctors in the world, never been with an adult woman, writes the Team to the surgeon Anil Kumar, in the city of Patna.

Rare Phenomenon

The belly of the woman was badly swollen

Before diagnosis, the adolescents under the pain and her belly was swollen for five years, gradually. The Doctors in Patna away your following an investigation by the mass. In the medical jargon Physicians talk of “Foetus in foeto”: the phenomenon that occurs births in one of 500,000 live, is found in the body of a twin is a deformed fetus. Usually this happens in childhood. In the case of people aged over 15 years were documented according to the article, previously only seven cases – all in males. The oldest Patient was 47 years old.

The young woman from India goes to the Doctors, according to two years after the Removal of your failed developed twin well. “I was worried about the lumps in my abdomen,” she is quoted as saying in the article. “But after the Operation I feel very good, my belly is now flat, and my parents are very happy.”

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