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With hand disinfection against influenza viruses?

Normally, the thorough Rubbing of the hands with disinfectant to provide a reliable protection against the influenza virus. According to new study results of the influenza virus does not kill this, but as fully adopted, as soon As saliva and mucus are in the game, is to wash the hands with antiseptic soap are more effective.

To avoid the Transmission of influenza viruses, is often recommended, the hands for 15 to 30 seconds with a disinfectant to RUB. Japanese researchers believe that this measure may not be enough, however: they report that Influenza viruses were in moist mucous, or saliva of infected patients even after two minutes, use of hand disinfectants is still infectious. The consistency of mucus or saliva prevented the Ethanol of the disinfection achieved by means of the virus, and disabled. In order to make them completely harmless, were almost four minutes of exposure is required. Mucus or saliva, however, were already dried on to the work, the disinfection of hands as usual, and inactivated the virus within 30 seconds. This is what the scientists in the journal reports mSphere.

Dr. Ryohei Hirose of the Metropolitan or prefectural government Medical University in Kyoto said: "Until the mucus is dried completely, it can remain infectious Influenza A Virus on hands and fingers, even after Rubbing the hands with disinfectant." This could lead to viruses from to be deported to the next patient. The researchers, however, have an Alternative at hand: the hands with an antiseptic soap. This measure inactivated the virus within 30 seconds, regardless of whether the mucus was wet or dried.

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