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Why it’s worth it, often times to be silent

Every day countless new information flows to us. Never was the possibility to always communicate with each other via is greater than in our present time.

Places where it is quiet and where we do not speak, are increasingly luxury. This silence of the environment is according to some researchers, a basic human need.

5 reasons why it pays to be more quiet.

1. Greater Sensitivity

It is quiet around us, we begin to focus more on their own perception.

Physical tension occur again in our consciousness. The own flow of thought to listen to, helps Last to process. Feelings that would otherwise remain Hidden come to the surface. In short: silence can be a step for self-reflection.

2. Silence makes healthy

Loud noises seem to Stress on the body. The possible consequence of: sleep problems, cardiovascular problems and other diseases. In silent places, the body has the ability to Cortisol, Noadrenalin and other stress hormones reduce and relax.

3. More “Aha”Moments

If you devote a long time a Problem, and then pauses to notice the solution often. This is a well-known psychological process. He is also called the incubation effect. Pauses and silence to crank up the creativity.

4. Relaxation is Silent even more relaxed

Silence can make relaxing even more relaxing: The study suggests that recorded hear the stress level of 24 subjects in the music. The amazing result: During the two minute breaks between pieces of music, the relaxation effect on the audience is at its largest.

5. Silence allows the brain to grow

The brain is growing, when we are silent. Researchers have observed in people who meditate daily. The subjects are new cells in the Hippocampus, an area in the head, for our memory is important formed.