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Urinary tract infections: Are there Alternatives to antibiotics?

Women especially suffer from the fact that germs bladder & Co. to attack. Again and again in the criticism: the use of antibiotics. Whether or not the more than 900 pharmacists discussed now on a training Convention of the Federal chamber of pharmacists in Merano, Italy.

"In uncomplicated urinary tract infections in the majority of cases, the bacterium Escherichia coli as a pathogen to tun", Edith Bennack, head of the hospital pharmacy at the St. Elisabeth-hospital Cologne-Hohenlind white. "Severe curves are more likely vor", it soothes the expert. In milder cases, the medical guideline recommends the use of four different antibiotics. Bennack notes, for example on four studies to the active ingredient, Nitroxolin. "For the substance of your good Wirksamkeit&quot speaks;, the Cologne-based pharmacist. "Also, Pivmecillinam has a very good efficacy against E. coli." There is almost no resistance. Another advantage: It can also be used in pregnancy and lactation apply.

And what about herbal medicines? Bennack was able to present only a few studies. A study that compares the leaves of the antibiotic Fosfomycin with an extract from the bearberry, is currently ongoing. To is a combination of thousands of Golden herb, lovage and rosemary the result of a study for some years already, in the it was, however, only possible side effects and the tolerability of the preparation. More hope makes a current investigation of this combination. "The are no bad Zahlen", so the judgment of the pharmacist.

Bennack know that many patients with the desire for herbal medicinal products in the pharmacy. You no longer recommends but pay attention to characters when they act. "Then you should consult a doctor."

Encouraging results show, however, in the case of Mannose, a particular sugar. "This is worth a try." On their way to the bladder it binds those bacteria that cause urinary tract infections and bladder infections. Studies have demonstrated this efficacy. Regardless of the type of therapy Bennack is recommended to drink to be Concerned enough. "It is especially important that in the case of fever or blood in the urine, not necessarily a doctor is visited." This also applies if conditions such as Diabetes or already damage at the urine may be non-existent.


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