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Trainer tells: With this Training you get a superhero body

Added: A Linnet Jason Momoa was never. The now 39-Year-old was a large audience known as rider king in the first season of the fantasy series “Game of Thrones”. That was 2011, and even then, you could have a biceps. Now Momoa as Aquaman in the movie. To believe embody worthy of a super hero, he had to put a shovel on it, that is to say: the upper arms had to be bigger, stronger, the legs, the six pack defined. The succeeded in the Hawaiian actor with the help of the experienced Trainer Mark Wright, brought before Henry Cavill (“Superman”) in best form. As Momoas workout and diet plan looked, told Twight, the men’s magazine “Men’s Health”.

No beer for super heroes

To look like a super hero, it needs two things: a good workout plan and a lot of iron will in terms of diet. Twights General tip: “You have to know what, when and how much you eat. And more importantly, how it affects you. Be sensitive. Question everything. Take Responsibility. Do you feel in your current Constitution is not well, you’re the cause. Because you did it. And then do it the other way.”

Otherwise, he advises: “Reducing the calorie intake. Eat carbs before and after Training, otherwise they are prohibited.” This was especially true for alcohol. A challenge for Momoa, the loves as you know, the beer brand Guinness. So much So that he even has a private beer in the Guinness line-up. But beer, wine and Cocktails are real Fattening.

Effort without Hunger

The physical Training Twight uses a Mix of full body movements, especially Climbing, and isolation exercises such as weight lifting. It is extremely strenuous Exercises, which keep the metabolism even after the workout for a couple of hours, but still short enough that the appetite is not stimulated.

Twight recommends to train the major muscle groups alternately. Back, biceps and forearm should not be charged in the gym to the point of total fatigue, if you want to Climb the next day. Instead, you should irritate your back and biceps after Climbing as much as possible. In this way, you can focus on other days on chest, shoulders and legs, so Twight. Nevertheless, he advises: “don’t Take the Workouts seriously. And ensure that you are exhausting.” His Motto: “It doesn’t have to be funny, to have fun.”

Three example exercises that Momoa was Aquaman, including Videos can be found on the Website of “Men’s Health”

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