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Tinsel, fir-trees Co: Advent carries with it dangers for Pets

The Christmas season enchants us with its festive decoration and sweet treats not only people, but also the curious animal roommate: Everywhere is sniffed, sampled and tasted. The animal protection organization Peta advises pet owners to watch, particularly in this time on their wards, and gives tips for a pet-friendly Christmas.

"Christmas is very exciting for our animal Begleiter", so Jana Hoger, technical officer for animal roommate at Peta. "Everywhere lights and candles, sweets glitter and the Tinsel is just waiting to be from the tree drawn." The expert gives pet owners the following tips for the Advent season:

Dealing with fire

Cats and dogs should never – not even for a few minutes – with lighted candles to be left alone. There is a great danger that the animals burn or cause a fire is.

Tinsel & Co

Tinsel and Christmas garlands are especially for cats seductive. But a word of caution: When Playing, the animals can swallow parts of the metal strip. In this case, must be visited with the cat immediately to a veterinarian. Under no circumstances will animals be allowed to try holder to pull the cord from the neck of your cat, because you can hurt yourself even harder.

The Christmas tree and its Tücover

Since cats like to climb, you must set up the Christmas tree is well secured and in the best case, a few days before the Decorate, so that the animals can get used to. Glass beads are not suitable as Tree ornaments, because if they splinter, can be cut dogs and cats, their sensitive paws on the shards. It is not recommended to decorate the bottom of the tree area to keep the risk for the animals as low as possible.

Christmas Grün

Poinsettias and mistletoe are toxic to dogs and cats. Nibble the animals because it can cause Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Therefore, the plants should be placed out of the reach of animals.

Süße temptation

Sweets are harmful to dogs and cats. The consumption of chocolate, especially high cocoa content, may cause dogs diarrhea, vomiting and in the worst case, death. Christmas cake often contains lots of sugar, lots of spices, baking agent or alcohol and is therefore not suitable for animals also. Also, the raisins do not get the four-legged friends: Larger quantities of – in the case of medium-sized dogs of about 90 grams of – can cause chronic kidney damage.


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