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Thousands of Coronavirus Deaths in British nursing homes – government under pressure

The pressure on the government in London because of their handling of the Coronavirus pandemic continues to grow. More and more the focus is on the Situation in care moves care homes, where nearly a quarter of the so far almost 40,000 to Covid-19 recirculated deaths were registered.

It is criticized, above all, that by the middle of April patients from hospitals were moved into care homes before they default on the Coronavirus have been tested. It was obvious that each had to be tested, said Ex-health Minister Jeremy Hunt to the conservative party in government, the BBC on Thursday. On Wednesday the opposition had called on the chief Keir Starmer, the Labour party Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to admit mistakes.

Over 30,000 Coronavirus Deaths in British nursing homes

It is feared that the number of deaths in nursing homes is much higher than previously known, because many infections may not have been discovered. To the fact in comparison to the past years of above-average high number of fatalities indicates. Latest Figures from the statistical office, the ONS (Office for National Statistics) suggest that 40 percent of all Covid occurred in the last week of April-19-deaths in nursing homes.


No idea, nowhere to be – as Boris Johnson’s government in the United Kingdom in the disaster slide

The daily numbers of registered deaths in nursing homes by the Coronavirus fell in the UK last, as Johnson said on Wednesday during the weekly question hour in the Parliament. But already there are Calls for a Committee of inquiry.

The UK is the country with the most officially recorded Corona dead in Europe – even after the Figures of the Ministry of health, the only recorded deaths among the previously positively tested patients. Therefore, it was up Thursday about 33.600 deaths.

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