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This Photo of Ashley Graham in a Bikini Eating Cheetos Is the Most Relatable Thing Ever

Name someone more body positive than Ashley Graham. Can’t think of anybody? Yeah, us either. She never fails to serve up self-love inspiration, and her latest Instagram post is the perfect example. 

Graham shared a photo of herself munching on some Cheetos while at a bikini shoot. Guilt-free snacking in swimwear? She’s living the dream. “Itty bitty things for big things coming your way,” she captioned the shot. 

At a recent event hosted by the New York Times called Reshaping Beauty, Graham said when she first started modeling, people constantly told her to lose weight. “I was trying to make business decisions not knowing anything, walking into this wild world of fashion where they’re telling me I’m too big. They’re telling me to not talk. They’re telling me that I’m just a clothes hanger and to just keep your mouth shut. That’s the epitome of everything I’m not,” she said. 

As the first curvy model on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2016, Graham has become household name. Sadly, people still try to “fix” her body by editing pictures of her. “This is the kind of conversation I’m still struggling to have on set: ‘You see those red stretch marks on the inside of my thigh? Leave those. Those are new and those are real, and we need to talk about those.’ People will take them out, but I’m not afraid to talk about it. I’m not afraid to show it on social media.”

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