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The number of acutely Infected is decreasing day-by-day – the Minister of health Spahn has hope

You can see in the Video, what the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn on 29. April 2020 says to Corona-the Situation in Germany.

Jens Spahn (CDU), Federal Minister of health: “We now have well-157,000 are Infected in Germany, infections reported, of which 120 000 are recovering well again. This is important, because the number of acutely Infected are good to 37 000. Since 12.4. the number of acutely Infected, the absolute number of the day decreases by the day. We want to Corona-Infected in the future more quickly find, test, and supply. Only in this way can we prevent the chain of Infection is effective to break and an uncontrolled outbreak of the epidemic here in Germany. To do this, we strengthen the public health service, enabling more Tests in nursing homes and expand the reporting requirements. This Update will help us to keep our health care is still on a good course in the management of this epidemic. Secondly, we will support those in the care of the elderly, the bars just in a difficult time Large, also financially, and a Bonus to, pay a premium. This bonus is staggered and is aimed at all employees in the elderly care, in the ambulatory as inpatient. The Confederation and social insurance will undertake two-thirds of the cost. The are in the care of professionals, for example, just 1000 Euro for this premium. And we hope that the countries and employers to Supplement the care of this premium to the tax – free amount of 1,500 Euro, which has made the Minister of Finance is also possible for such a premium.”