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The deal with homeopathy is growing

Consumers in Germany have set in the past year, their hopes more on homeopathic remedies. 2018 they purchased in pharmacies and in the shipping trade 54.5 million packs of such funds, reported the German Central Association of homeopathic Physicians (DZVhÄ). So that were sold in the past year, to more homeopathic remedies than 2017. Compared to the years 2015 and 2016, sales fell, however. In the two years, German consumers Andes 55 million packs of.

Despite numerous studies, clear evidence is missing until today, that homeopathic Globules have an impact on the placebo effect. A EU Council warned that homeopathy can even damage, if necessary medical treatment is delayed.

670 million euros in sales per year

With homeopathic remedies have been implemented in the year 2018, approximately 670 million euros, of which 570 million euros, with non-prescription products. The total sales of non-prescription Medicinal product in Germany amounted to 9.1 billion Euro.

In almost nine cases out of ten (87 percent) contributed to 2018, the consumer, the cost of homeopathic remedies. In other cases, prescribed Doctors the therapy on prescription, where health insurance companies will cover part of the cost.

The statutory funds to pay, under certain conditions, homeopathic treatments, is controversial. Actually, you may reimburse only recognised effective treatments, but for homeopathy, anthroposophy and phytotherapy, the legislature has created special rules. These procedures must not in the course of extensive studies of their effectiveness. As homeopathic therapies are so popular promise many health insurance companies by the cost of acquisition of a competitive advantage.