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Tablets share? The pharmacist questions

Tablets are often shared, although not every product is suitable for it. "If the leaflet is not explicitly is that a tablet may be split, to ask in the pharmacy. A fractional edge alone is not a free ride dafür", Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says.

Whether a tablet is divisible, it can even be in the same active ingredient preparations according to the manufacturer different. "Patients according to ask in your pharmacy, if you, for example, due to a discount contract, or a shortage in Supply of a different medication than usual,” said Benkert.

Solid medicines, such as, for example, prolonged-release tablets should not be used without the consultation with the doctor or pharmacist divided, are widely used: In the year 2018, the pharmacies gave 88 million packs. This corresponds to about 14 percent of all cash recipe submitted finished product. Benkert: "If a tablet is intact, be taken, will be divided nevertheless, the consequences of ineffectiveness to serious side-effects." Also, scored tablets should only be shared shortly before the taking and the fragments are not stored for a long time.

The Parts can be problematic for various reasons: some tablets dust, its Inhalation is risky at all. To anti-cancer drugs, include, or viral diseases and Vitamin-A derivatives, against severe skin diseases. Other tablets have a protective coating that ensures that an active substance is only slowly absorbed into the blood, or that the tablet dissolves only in the intestine rather than the stomach. By the Break, he loses his function. There are Coatings that protect the ingredients against light. An example of tablets are diseases with nifedipine for heart.


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