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Study shows why children should be eating as of today, no sugar

Children and young people in Germany is a calculation of the consumer organization food watch this Monday the “überzucker day” – you then have consumed, according to the study data, so a lot of sugar for a whole year is recommended. Foodwatch criticized, the industry marketing überzuckerte food aggressive to children. The Federal food Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU) had to work for advertising restrictions, so that only balanced products are specifically marketed to children.

The Basis of the calculation of the recommendations of the world health organization (WHO) and of specialist organisations such as the German nutrition society (DGE) are. Therefore, a maximum of ten percent of the daily energy intake should be from free sugars added – according to a study in 3 – to 18-Year-olds, according to the latest data from 2016, but 16.3 percent, as food watch explained. On the basis of this higher value is clear, that children and young people with a calculator already on the 224. instead of 365. Day, you recommended “sugar limit” for a whole year – so on 12. August. In men, it would be on 20. September, women at 8. October.

Many products are “in excess glucose levels in self-indulgent”

Free sugar occurred include sugars, and clog manufacturer, or consumer foods as well as the naturally in honey, syrups, fruit juice concentrates and fruit juices occurring sugar, says a trade paper. DGE, the German obesity society and the German Diabetes society, explain to a high and frequent sugar intake is related to Obesity and increased risks for Diabetes, heart and vascular diseases as well as caries.

According to the “Donald”study (Dortmund Nutritional and Anthropometric Longitudinally Designed) to the diet, the intake of free sugar at the 3 – to 18 had gone behavior-Year-old back, it says in the paper of the three companies. You spent but more significantly, over ten percent. In this study, foodwatch supports.

Foodwatch expert Oliver Huizinga criticized, most of the products that would be marketed with Comics and game stuff grave goods aimed at children, were in excess glucose levels in “self-indulgent”. The approach of the Minister Klöckner, the move the food industry voluntarily to reduce the Sugar content to be completely inadequate.

In the fight against Obesity not only in children, the Cabinet of Ministers had adopted a strategy, the controversial agreements with the manufacturers provides. In order to get finished products up to 2025, gradually new recipes. According to the initial Commitments, for example, children living on yoghurts with a minimum of ten percent less sugar. Klöckner wants to ban the addition of sugar and sweeteners in Baby and small kindertees.

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