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Sleep is a natural remedy for anxiety

A sleepless night can make us anxious, while sufficient and good sleep stabilizes the emotions. A new study by the University of Berkeley in California shows. Important for this is the deep phase of sleep in which heart rate and blood pressure drop, and neural activities are synchronized.

The study, published in the journal Nature, Human Behaviour, provides clear evidence that sleep and anxiety disorders depend. "We have identified a new function of the deep sleep, the fear of the night, it soothes, by providing the connections in the brain reorganisiert", Matthew Walker, a Professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, said. Sleep could, therefore, be regarded as a natural remedy for anxiety disorders that occur worldwide, more frequently and more and more children and young people relate to.

Sleepless night makes us more emotional

The importance of deep sleep for emotional balance, scientists have discovered through brain scans of 18 young adults, who saw after a night of normal sleep and again after a sleepless night, emotionally charged Videos. After the sleepless night of a brain area was active, which normally keeps our Worries and Fears in check. At the same time emotional centers of the brain were overactive. "Without sleep the brain is almost too much on the emotional Gaspedal", Walker explained. A night with adequate sleep is the area that ensures, that Fears take the upper hand and took up its normal function again.

Schlafqualität affects the level of Anxiety

The results from the lab were consistent with the results of an Online survey among 280 participants, the person assessed for four consecutive days, the quality of your sleep and your anxiety level. Also it was found that the quantity and quality of sleep, the participants of a night got to the next, said ahead of, how concerned they would feel the next day. Even small changes of sleep affected your anxiety level.