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Scientists under attack: We need to protect what protects us

As the Coronavirus was the beginning of the year, only a vague threat from China, was a Christian Drosten of the man of the hour. The renowned virologist at Berlin’s Charité research focuses on coronaviruses, which include the causative agents of Covid-19. A stroke of luck for the science location of Germany – in two respects.

Way out of the crisis

The new Normal – we must learn to live with the Virus

This is because, unlike many of his colleagues Drosten has the gift to pour a highly scientific, complex content in an understandable Form. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he informed about scientific discoveries in connection with Covid-19, first in Interviews, and later in a Podcast. Drosten is explained to a researcher, the files of uncertainties shows, and before jumping to conclusions warns.

Even today, Drosten is the man of the hour – albeit in a different, unpleasant ways. He is the focus of a public campaign, which has chosen Drosten as their “patron”, in the beings, but against the entire scientific operation is part of concern will blossom: So Drosten received, as well as the SPD politicians, and health scientists Karl Lauterbach recently a package. Inside: a vial supposedly containing content filled with viruses, and connected with the invitation to drink the dubious liquid.

It is the preliminary low point of a development that was already a few weeks ago, and with a loss of confidence in science goes hand in hand. In part, this development was fueled, consciously or unconsciously, even by politicians. Thus, the NRW announced-the Prime Minister, Armin Laschet at the end of April in a talk show, virologists would change “every few days” your opinion. What Laschet it – consciously or unconsciously – extruded, was the fact that scientists do not report opinions. But about findings on the Basis of scientific facts. But only on the edge.

Much more serious still: The statement gives the impression that the science is only the right thing to do, practically pre-made assessment. A misconception that obviously FDP-Chef Christian Lindner shares, as it announced recently, the virologists supposed to go “how the popes” to the Conclave: “If you have decided, you will see white smoke”. However, the true essence of science is not even close.

Science is, rather, an ongoing process. Researchers collect data, analyze it in studies, discuss, discard, or documents, theses. You question your own work, or by colleagues and improve. Criticism of this process is an important factor, no matter who installs it, unless it is justified. It helps that good science will succeed.

No back row, but the scientific gain of knowledge

At the beginning of a research nothing is set in stone. Knowledge can change, especially in the case of previously unknown pathogens. This is not a “back row” and not an admission of errors, but the essence of scientific progress. By the way, not only for Corona, but it has always been. Has changed only that the Corona of the science, such as under a burning glass. The least of the newly gained readers and observers, should research and understand. It appears absurd, that the laity want to require researchers to work as you have. Who would do that in other professional fields, which require Expertise? Who would require an architect, as he has to build houses? Or a surgeon, how he has to set the broken tibia?

Each of the preliminary result of the Study, and any statement of researchers or politicians are currently line minutes later to a shock. This is not per se bad. But if the usual discussions among the scientists to be taught to dispute and statements of other scientists exploited are collected to make the studies in a “grossly wrong” light stand, it paves the ground for worse: for Virus-deniers, strange parcels-Shipper and a conspiracy theorist.

Not so bad you might think now – single cases, nothing more. But what if even politicians*move inside of facts, and instead, half-baked information, or crude theories to Believe? The view in certain neighboring countries.

In the U.S. alone, 1.6 million people are now detectable with the Coronavirus infected and nearly 100,000 people died – as many as in any other country. US President, Donald Trump had declared at the end of February, the Virus would disappear one day as if by a “miracle”. Brazil’s President Bolsonaro had called Covid-19 several times as a “small flu”. In the meantime, about 25,000 people are in the country, according to Johns Hopkins University in connection with this “small flu” died. To be the high number of bodies, Lord, are in many places dug mass graves on top.

And Germany? In this country many people have become infected with the pathogen. About 8400 of them have not survived the disease. Each of them was and is too much. However, it does not need to understand much to see that We have got – so far – unscathed. This is the merit of many people, especially those who adhere to the distance rules, and contact restrictions. But also from a government that places great value on facts. And of scientists, who ensure that there is more and more evidence about this Virus, the help, the pathogen curb.

It is important to protect what has been achieved – and to protect what has protected us in the past few weeks. It can start Small, by asking, hold, and properly, if the neighboring conspiracy widely used theories. As we speak, if the colleague does not assert that the Virus is there. By checking the content for accuracy before we spread it on Facebook and Whatsapp. By the mere Fear and chaos theories face.

The evidence of the Coronavirus, there are, for example, here, here, and here.

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