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Schüssler salts with mineral deficiency?

Table of contents

  • How to use Schüssler salts with a mineral deficiency?
  • The Schüssler salts: 12 inorganic substances
  • The various dosage forms of the Schüssler salts
  • Schüssler salts are raised to the power of, so heavily diluted
  • Schüssler salts work similar to homeopathic remedies
  • Schüssler salts are not suitable for the correction of mineral deficiencies
  • Combine Schüssler salts with proper diet and food supplements

How to use Schüssler salts with a mineral deficiency?

We often get the question whether you could not take in the case of a mineral deficiency easy Schüssler salts, for example, the Schuessler salt no. 7 (Magnesium phosphoricum D6) in the case of magnesium deficiency, or the Schüssler salt no. 3 (Ferrum phosphoricum D12) in the case of iron deficiency. We explain in this article why this is rarely possible.

The cell salts were developed by the Oldenburg physician Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler (1821 – 1898). After his medical studies, he worked as a naturopathic and, in particular, homeopathic doctor, but have experimented increasingly with the effects and functions of mineral substances.

The Schüssler salts: 12 inorganic substances

Finally, he published an article in which he wrote that “to him the customary drugs have become expendable, since he was working with only twelve inorganic substances, and that it is possible to reach with these funds, the shortest paths to healing,” says Gisela Elisabeth Geiger in the book “The Schuessler mineral salts – The practice book for self-healing”.

With these twelve inorganic substances, he meant those salts, which were finally under the name of “Schuessler salts”. These salts are designed to restore, according to Schüssler, the healthy functions of the cell, because the cell and its ability to function, the cause of a body lying hidden for a change, and so also of any disease.

The various dosage forms of the Schüssler salts

Schuessler salts, like homeopathic remedies in the Form of small lactose tablets or Globules. Meanwhile, there are also lactose-free cell salts: Granules of normal sugar (sucrose) or alcohol-containing drops.

Schüssler salts are raised to the power of, so heavily diluted

Also, as in homeopathy, the usual Schüssler salts are not undiluted, but taken to the power of, mostly in the potencies D6 or D12. A means in the potency of D6, is triturated in the original Mineral, so for example, 1 gram of a magnesium compound first with 9 grams of milk sugar (or one of the other carrier materials). The first potency (D1). It takes again 1 gram and dilute it with 9 grams of milk sugar, is produced, the D2 and so on.

From the original 1 gram of Magnesium only 1 microgram of D6 part included, so only the millionth fraction. Three Schüssler salts be taken in the D12 Calcium fluoratum (no. 1), Ferrum phosphoricum (no. 3) and Silicea (no. 11).

But then are included from the original mineral-it is only the millionth fraction of a micro gram, so 1 picogram or 1 trillionth of a gram (when starting from an initial quantity of 1 gram).

The daily requirement of an adult of Magnesium is between 300 and 400 milligrams, which can be reached with Schuessler salts, so even then, not nearly, if you would hourly take a whole pack.

Schüssler salts work similar to homeopathic remedies

Of course, Schuessler salts do not act on their contained quantities of Minerals, but to serve – just like homeopathic remedies as a pulse generator, to the cell, therefore, a stimulus to exercise, and hence their powers of self-healing stimulate.

Not infrequently, however, is in the counselors to Schüssler salts, as in the above-mentioned book – to read: “In a healthy body all the mineral substances are present in sufficient quantity. If, however, by disease, inadequate nutrition and Acidosis defects in mineral salts occur, can be compensated for by the Taking in of the of Dr. Schuessler recommended the Form of the deficiency.“

Schüssler salts are not suitable for the correction of mineral deficiencies

Statements such as these lead to the misunderstanding that you could actually fix to be alone with Schüssler salts mineral deficiencies. However, this is not possible! Because the body can’t conjure minerals finally, self-induced, not even with the help of “pulses” or “Irritate”.

Schüssler said to himself: “minerals are the building materials by their mass, however, function in the medium due to their quality.”

By this, he meant that the body needs to the individual (“gross”) minerals in the right amount – whether it’s through diet or through high quality supplements. In addition, the Schuessler salts (i.e., the “fine” variant), the influence Schüsslers Thesis of the cells and the cell activity, thus regulating the minerals can be absorbed properly by the cell and recycled.

Combine Schüssler salts with proper diet and food supplements

In some cases, the food contains enough minerals, but these can be due to malfunction of the cell is not properly recorded and utilized. In this case, alone, the gift of Schüssler salts could be helpful. Evidence in the Form of studies, there is not.

If you want to use Schüssler salts for mineral deficiencies, we recommend to combine this with a suitably optimised nutritional and/or dietary supplements, which required the (gross) Mineral or trace element in the individually appropriate dose of contains.

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