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Researchers are sure of: anyone Who works so many hours a week, probably gets a bald head

Men worry about prior to early hair loss, you should push no Overtime. This is a study from South Korea suggests to the researchers that the probability of getting a bald head, is significantly higher when the husband works on average. Specifically, men who work more than 52 hours per week, a twice as high risk of hair loss than men, which are less than 40 hours of work to see.

The study is based on data from approximately 13,000 men between 20 and 59 years who participated in both 2013 and 2017 to a health examination part. The men were not examined, however, about hair loss, but only asked whether you can use Anti-hair loss resources. The researchers for the current investigation, the data from the men in more detail under the magnifying glass, which denied a use of Anti-hair loss products in 2013, four years later, but then answered in the affirmative.

From 52 hours per week, double what risk

To find out whether, or the extent to which the average working time has an impact on balding, the South Korean researchers divided the men into three groups: One group consisted of all those who work less than 40 hours a week. In the second, all men that toil 40 to 52 hours per week and in group three all of those are per week longer at work, landed. Other factors, such as, for example, the family status or whether the subject is Smoking or non-Smoking is – and, accordingly, have an impact on the hair loss may be, have been taken into account in the statistical analysis.

The result: While only around two percent of the subjects who work 40 hours or less, at the time of the second survey, the appropriate resources or used, it was in the case of those working more than 52 hours, already around four per cent – a significant difference, the researchers discovered.

The main cause is probably Stress

The reason for the increased risk in the case of long working hours, the scientists see in the probably the increased Stress Level of a lot of employees. The thus-distributed hormones inhibited the growth of the hair, as in the other experiments was found, it says. According to the Daily Mail recommends, therefore, that the main author of the study, Kyung-Hun Son, to restrict the working hours, in particular from employees of between 20 and 40 years.

Sources: Original Study, “The Daily Mail”

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