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Red Campion – application and effect

Actually, the Red Campion (Silene dioica) is more pink than red. For your healing effect, but that is irrelevant, because who needs the help of this Plant, in fact, Red. The effect of the Red Campion is supposed to consist in, to cure cases of poisoning by snake bites. It is the extract of Silene dioica, therefore, an antidote that can save lives in an emergency. In addition, the Red Campion also has skin cleansing properties. Therefore, their ingredients are used for cosmetic products and skin care creams. How exactly delicate little flowers unfolds its detoxifying and dermatological effect and what it is to be observed for the application of the Red light Elke, you can find here.

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Plug-in a letter to the Red Campion:

Scientific Name: Silene dioica
Plant Family: Carnation Plants (Caryophyllaceae)
Folk Names: Lord, God Of Blood, Red Campion, Red Night Elke, Red Forest Elke, Taglicht Elke
Plant Parts Used: Leaves, Blütten, Seeds, Roots
Origin: Asia, Europe, North Africa
Areas of application:

  • Inflammation of the skin,
  • Blemished Skin,
  • Inner turmoil and indecision,
  • Snake bites
  • and poisoning.

Plant portrait: the blood of flowers versus snake venom

As the Name already suggests, the Red Campion from the family of the carnation plants (Caryophyllaceae). In addition to your official name, Silene dioica, she was earlier depending on the author, as Lychnis dioica or Melandrium dioicum known. The various names go back to the inconsistent assignments of the Plant to different plant genera.

The Cup-shaped capsule fruits of the Red light Elke occur unusually late in the Winter. There is a need for a fresh winter breeze, the fruit of his own seed to shake out of your serrated fruit basket out and the Plant for propagation. By this wind spread Silene dioica propagated relatively locally. Only in the vicinity of bodies of water can carry the seeds slightly further, which is why you find the Red Campion is often along stream courses.

Speaking of Bach, the Red Campion is one of the homeopathic Bach flower remedies. With your favorite locations on streams that has nothing to do. Because the Bach flower therapy got its name from its inventor, the English physician Dr. Edward Bach. He defined the flowers of 38 different plants, including Silene dioica, as a “soul herbs” for the treatment of mental and emotional imbalances.

The Red Campion (also under the name of red campion) in the Special case here

  • low self-esteem
  • Self-doubt
  • and indecision help.

It has not been demonstrated, the effect so far. You can do about the healing power of the Plant in the case of psychological complaints, only guesses. And also the people believe provides plenty of room for speculation to the Red Campion, because of the emergence of numerous legends abound and legends. This is mainly due to the strong Pink colored Radblüten of Silene dioica. The pink flowers of the Red Campion is said to have received their color, for example, by drops of blood of the divine father, hence the epithet of the Lord God of blood. Places where the Plant grew, were, therefore, sacred places, and who is a Red Campion carelessly plucked or umknickte, the threatened death of her own father. Also, the fact that the Campion blooms only during the day, was not some of the creeps. It is suspected, therefore, that the daylight Elke known Plant was searched in the night of goblins, demons, and snakes home, which required the Plant Manager.

With regard to serpents in Particular, the Red Campion, paradoxically, was seen as a protective herb in front of lizard animals. The animals were previously often as devilish creatures, which is why the gods of blood, created in Silene dioica snakes successfully remote. It remains to guess whether this Conviction arose from a successful application of the Red Campion in the case of snake bites. Were used for this purpose, the crushed seeds of the Plant, which is subsequently processed to a pulp and in the Form of an envelope on the bite wound were applied. The detoxifying ingredients of the seeds are moved in consequence of the poison from the wound, and eased the wound inflammation.

Also, cleaning your skin, you took Silene dioica happy to help. Because in addition to snake venom, the medicinal plant of the skin eluded impurities apparently also. Instead of the seeds used for this purpose, however, the roots of the Red Campion. These were preserved in alcohol and the extract was then rubbed on the problematic skin areas. And even today, the Red Campion is included in various skin care products. Overall, the pink flower can be found during the following application:

  • Inflammation of the skin,
  • Skin irritation,
  • Blemished Skin,
  • Immune weaknesses,
  • lack of menstrual period,
  • Self-doubt
  • and poisoning by snake bites.

By the way: The edible flowers and leaves of the Red Campion are in southern Europe, even as a kitchen herb. Here they are used together with Ricotta as a filling for herb ravioli.

Ingredients and effect

The detoxifying effect of Red Campion by the contained saponins explain. Their peculiarity is that they possess hemolytic (blood-dissolving) effect. You destroy, therefore, red blood cells. Normally, saponins, and should not be reach because of this property, in the bloodstream, since the blood resolution can result in severe anemia. In the case of intoxication by snake venom, however, it is important to remove the toxins as quickly as possible from the bloodstream before they enter the metabolic cycle of the body. In appropriate doses, the saponins of Red Campion in the case of Poisoning can help in the cleaning of the blood.

Saponins in Silene dioica can be even more

The saponins of Red Campion belong predominantly to the group of triterpene saponins. It is extracts of terpenes, which, as the essence of essential oils are known. They act

  • as a disinfectant,
  • dewatering,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • hormone stimulating,
  • immune and circulation tonic
  • secretion-promoting
  • and wundstillend.

Therefore, they are suitable to treat infections and bite wounds, but to escape to toxins is increased in the urine and sweat, and a poisoning-related circulatory failure to prevent. The anti-inflammatory properties of Red Campion are still used today in the cosmetics for the care of the skin irritation and skin inflammation.

Also interesting is the hormone stimulating properties of saponins. You are responsible for ensuring that the Red Campion also shows in the case of hormonally-induced menstrual disorders and menstrual cramps effect. Said health problems occur in women usually due to a hormonal imbalance, which can be attributed in the case of a rule, complaints of sex hormones. In the case of emotional crises, self-doubt, or depression accompanied, it is, however, more frequently, nerve-stimulating hormones such as dopamine and Serotonin, the the emotional trigger imbalance. Here, too, hormone-regulating can lead to the end of herbs like the Red Campion improvement in the situation.

Application and dosage

While the flowers and leaves of Silene dioica can be used as a kitchen herb for herbal fillings, salads or soups, for the treatment of wounds and detoxification of red Campion here traditionally a paste made from the crushed seeds of the Plant. Alternatively, also the use of tinctures from the roots of the Plant for skin problems, or taking Bach flower essences of Silene dioica in the case of psychological complaints is also conceivable. It will be seen that the respective preparations are used very specifically for the relevant health complaints. For good reason, because the saponins of the Plant should be overdosed on and require for inner and outer application of an individual dose.

Important: In the event of a snake bite is, under all circumstances, a doctor on call to call! A self-treatment with red light Elke is here not sufficient and can only be used as an additional treatment measure until the Arrival of the ambulance!

The Red light can help Elke to clean the blood, but in the case of a snake bite immediately, the ambulance should be called. (Image: Comofoto/

The preparation of a tincture of red light Elke

A tincture of red Campion can restore them easily. Apply you can, for example, for the treatment of wounds or existing skin irritation. Also inflammation of the skin react to sometimes good on the light clove tincture.

You will need:

  • The Red Campion (cut) roots,
  • High-proof alcohol (for example vodka or brandy),
  • a dark glass jar
  • and a dark bottle for storage.

Decoction of red light Elke

Alternatively, the tincture can be prepared from the roots of Red Campion and a decoction. For this purpose, to cook the plants roots in water and the Whole is then in a dark glass for about two weeks. The decoction can be used, among other things, for washing, for skin care or skin irritation or skin inflammation. After application on the skin of the decoction must be washed off with lukewarm water because it is very concentrated and as a result of Overdose of the root extract stimulus could cause reactions.

Making a flower essence from red light Elke

For internal use, such as in the case of immune deficiencies, or emotional disorders, prescribe homeopaths commonly a corresponding Bach flower essence from the red Campion. However, you can produce such a flower essence by myself at home.


  • Flowers of the Red Campion,
  • Brandy
  • and a dark bottle

Side effects

There are no particular side effects for the Red Campion are not yet known. For safety reasons, Pregnant women and children but use discouraged. (ma)