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Only a dream weekend, then Winter-Comeback: What you can do in the case of sensitivity to weather – Video

At the weekend, the temperatures, scratching at the 20-degree mark. From Wednesday on, it will go back to cold and rainy. Some people make such a sudden weather change. FOCUS Online explains what you can against sensitivity to weather.

First, it is warm and Sunny, then rainy, windy and cold on changing weather, we must adjust ourselves constantly. And people react to it. It is cold, shiver we. Too much UV radiation we get sunburn. Also, our organism adapts aware of the fluctuations in temperature and Changes in air pressure. Most of them remember, but nothing.

Many factors play a role

Almost half of the German, however, is to be wetterfühlig. This means that when the weather changes nonspecific symptoms occur. First of all, harmless ailments, such as fatigue and exhaustion make itself felt. Sufferers also complain of dizziness, sleep disturbances, and headache. The weather, however, is only one of many factors that lead to the complaints of sensitivity to weather.

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To only air pollution or noise, but also to Stress, hormonal fluctuations or health problems do not count. All of these factors are processed in the autonomic nervous system. How we perceive stimuli, and is therefore controlled by the head.

Andreas Matzarakis, Director of the center for medicine-meteorological research of the German weather service in Freiburg, explains, “The weather is the cause of the symptoms, but reduces or degrades many of the complaints.”

Go out helps

The sensitivity to weather are to be avoided, it is important for the body to changing weather conditions, if possible in the fresh air. Matzarakis says, “There is no bad weather. Our body needs to be re-hardened.“

Also Kneipp baths, a sauna or exchange help to accustom the body to changes can take a shower. Or short walks whatever the weather.