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Office-Eye-syndrome: 7 tips to prevent dry eyes

Dry heating air, dust, smoke, and fumes: Our eyes are daily exposed to many hardships. In addition, you will be irritated by long hours of Staring at the computer screen and the Smartphone. The unpleasant consequence of: itching, burning and redness of the eyes, which feel, as a foreign body under the Lid.

In the tear film of our eyes substances are contained, the bacteria and viruses and protect the cornea with oxygen and nutrients. In addition, the fluid film out of strands of smaller foreign bodies. The eyes are not wetted sufficiently, are unpleasant Burn, unsightly redness and a sensation of dryness as a result. In addition, the eyes become tired faster and more light sensitive. Paradox: Despite the dryness of the eye watering.

In mild cases, the so-called artificial tears, to help a pharmacist Ursula Funke, President of the pharmacists Association of Hesse explains. In the pharmacy you can get to the correct application of the over-the-counter Tear substitutes are available as drops or Gel, for advice. In addition, the pharmacist has the following tips for those Affected:

Symptoms not to ignore

In the initial stage, the Office Eye syndrome is not dangerous, but annoying and uncomfortable. Concerned ignore the complaints, you risk binding and corneal inflammation. Diseases such as Diabetes, thyroid disease, or rheumatism, and certain medications can lead to dry eyes. The composition of the tear film is altered, also, and the eye is no longer completely wetted with tear fluid, it can even affect the eyesight. Anyone who is unsure, can no longer be in the pharmacy on-the-spot advice, when Tear substitutes are sufficient, and a visit to the eye doctor is useful.

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