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Nobel Know-explained simply: For this research, there is the Nobel prize in medicine

The Nobel prize for physiology or medicine this year goes to a researcher-Trio: to the US-American William Kaelin and Gregg Semenza, as well as their British colleagues, Peter Ratcliffe. The scientists have discovered the molecular mechanisms by which cells detect the oxygen content and adapt on the way. Scientists have revealed the mechanism for “one of the main adaptation processes of organic life,” said the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

“The fundamental importance of oxygen has been known for centuries, but as the cells to changes in oxygen content customize, has long been unknown,” said the Institute on Twitter. This year’s medicine prize winners have identified the molecular mechanisms by which the activity of genes depending on the oxygen content can be regulated.

The knowledge of these mechanisms is important for the treatment of many diseases, according to the Nobel jury. The discovery had opened the way to promising strategies against anemia, cancer and many other diseases. The highest award for doctors is endowed this year with the equivalent of 830,000 euros (9 million Swedish kronor).

Since 1901, 216 people have received the Nobel prize in medicine, including twelve women. The first went to the German bacteriologist Emil Adolf von Behring lied to for the discovery of a therapy against diphtheria. In the last year, the US-American James Allison and the Japanese Tasuku Honjo had received the award for the development of immune therapies against cancer.

Nobel prize for literature will be awarded two

With the medicine prize the Nobel prize started a round dance. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the carrier of the physics and the chemistry prize will be named. On Thursday, the announcement of this year’s Nobel laureate in literature follows. This year, exceptionally, two authors will be honored, as the price of 2018 was awarded to a scandal in the jury panel.

On Friday will announce who will receive this year’s Nobel peace prize. The announcement of the winners ends on the following Monday, 14. In October, the Swedish Riksbank donated the so-called Nobel prize in Economics. The formal presentation of all awards will be according to tradition, on the 10. December, the anniversary of the death of prize founder Alfred Nobel.

Already on 25. September had been announced the four winners of this year’s Alternative Nobel prize by the Right Livelihood Foundation. The Swedish student, Greta Thunberg, the human rights campaigner Aminatu Haidar, from Western Sahara, the Chinese women’s rights activist Guo Jianmei, as well as the Brazilian natives Davi Kopenawa are.

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