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New therapeutic approach for fatty liver?

The biggest risk factors for fatty liver are Obesity and type 2 Diabetes, triggered by bad diet habits and lack of exercise. But that alone is not everything. Scientists from the German cancer research center have found that blood platelets – so-called platelet – play an important role.

In mice that were fed fat, in the liver, increased blood platelets. Also in people with a non-alcohol-related fatty liver this was to observe how the team of researchers led by Mathias Heikenwälder from the German cancer research center reported. Received the mouse in addition to the fat diet anticoagulant, the effect of platelet on the blood-rich, were less of them in the liver is detectable, and the number of inflammatory cells was low. Heike forests summarizes: "The mice were overweight, but no fatty liver, and no Leberkrebs".

In a further pilot study, the researchers have dealt with then also people with a fatty liver with coagulation inhibitors. As a result, the fat percentage decreased in the liver. Heikenwälder said: "If we succeed, the cycle of inflammatory processes to break through, we can help affected people to reduce your risk of fatty liver induced liver cancer."

The non-alcohol-induced fatty liver is suffering is on the rise, an estimated 30 to 40 percent of the adult including. Drugs, however, there is not yet, it is a weight reduction and more exercise alone can help. A fatty liver can become inflamed, which favors the development of liver cirrhosis, and finally liver cancer.