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New Ebola case in the Congolese city of millions, discovered

So far, the latest outbreak of the Ebola disease was restricted to rural parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But now it has been re-registered, a Patient in the large city of Goma in the East of the country. “Our response teams have just discovered a second case, and isolated,” said Ebola researcher Jean-Jacques Muyembe.

If it were a man at 13. July came from a sparsely populated Region in the city of millions. The case is not, therefore, in connection with the first Ebola patient in Goma, which was discovered two weeks ago. At the time, an infected priest had come by Bus into the metropolis, and had already shown clear symptoms.

The epidemic had broken out a year ago in the area of Butembo in the North Kivu province. Since 1790, people in the Region, according to official Figures from the Tuesday to the Virus died. After the death of the first Ebola patient in Goma, the second largest city in the country, called for the WHO an international health emergency.

There remain, however, in the case of a regional threat, says the WHO. Border closures were not currently necessary. You could complicate the fight against the disease, on the contrary, because people used then, possibly, secret paths, and not the official border crossings, where medical staff stops at the passers-by according to the signs of the disease on the look-out.

Problems with armed groups in the Region

Complicates the fight against Ebola in the Congo due to attacks by armed militias on treatment centers. Between 2013 and 2016, had died in West Africa during a severe outbreak of more than 11,300 people.

The Ebola Virus, the Affected suffer from fever, muscle pain, diarrhea, and in severe cases, internal bleeding and organ failure. The disease terminates in about half the cases fatal. Among people with contact to infection with the Virus is enough. A new vaccine helps to curb the disease.