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Myths of the opponents

On the one hand, the recommendations from Federal agencies and medical associations, as well as much of the reporting in the media. On the other predominantly homeopathic table and anthroposophically-oriented Physicians as well as various impfkritische websites, and book authors. The rates for measles vaccination. The other rates.

What is it about the arguments of the opponents?

The absence of nest protection increased measles risk for infants

“The fact that infants are usually threatened only by measles and, therefore, preventable complications, BECAUSE so much is vaccinated, hardly interested anyone. Women who experienced in their Childhood measles, are time life extremely immune to the disease and pass it to the strong immunity in the Form of the so-called nest protection to their newborn children. This means that infants are protected in the first critical months of life by the mother’s antibodies against measles. Vaccinated mothers can provide their infants, however, no such stable nest protection.” (

In principle, it is true: mothers who had measles, give their babies an average of a longer-lasting network protection with mothers who were vaccinated against the measles. Women who are vaccinated neither the measles nor, however, do not transmit protective antibodies against measles.

Nevertheless, it is cynical, the Argument against vaccination is the following: The allegedly better Alternative would mean that all the girls should do in their Childhood measles with cheap of accepting the associated risks.

Also, bear in mind: There are no data on the age distribution of measles sick before the introduction of vaccination. It is assumed, however, that despite nest protection of children under five years of age who have a higher risk for complications.

Source: Robert Koch Institute, Who is ill in Germany, the measles?

The measles were the life conditions, not the Vaccination

“With the increasingly better conditions of life since the beginning of the 20th century. Of a century, measles is always harmless, long before the start of the vaccinations.” (

Yes, if children are not weakened by chronic diarrhea, parasites or malnutrition, when the measles. The measles mortality is in developing countries is significantly higher than in industrialized Nations. The measles-a result of more frequent bacterial infections have lost due to antibiotics, much of their terror.

Before the introduction of vaccination, about 95 percent of the people in Germany are affected in Childhood or youth in measles. The exact age distribution is not known, since it was not recorded, but it is assumed that especially children were affected, in which complications are very rare. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), therefore, for the years prior to the introduction of the vaccination in the event of death per 10,000 Patients.

The U.S. center for disease control CDC announced the following Figures: Prior to 1963 there had been an estimated three to four million measles cases a year, more than half of the Patients were between five and nine years of age, 90 percent had the measles before they were 15 years old. About 500 deaths from it fell Ill in the year – so at 6000 to 8000.

What would be the Situation in Germany today without a measles vaccination? Then, about 600,000 people would be affected per year – mainly children. About 60 of them would die in spite of good living conditions. Significantly, more permanent damage, such as loss of hearing would wear. As is the Situation with measles vaccination? In the years since 2001 there was a year between 123 and 6139 measles cases in Germany. There are isolated cases of death.

Sources: Robert Koch Institute, Who is ill in Germany to the measles?, The US center for disease control CDC to measles

Vaccinated are healthier than Unvaccinated

“Studies prove that Unvaccinated are healthier than Vaccinated.” (

Epidemiological studies to demonstrate this, we have not found.

As evidence for this Thesis, among other things, surveys are given, which have collected impfkritische parents and Doctors. Survey data are always to be regarded with some caution; when it comes to an ideologically so strong occupied the theme, the more.

A study is also cited, establishes a connection between frequent vaccination and higher infant mortality. The data are, however, based on an arbitrary selection of countries (the United States and the Nations where the infant mortality rate is still lower than here), the authors consider only a year, there are significant inaccuracies in the calculation are how many vaccinations a child under a year.

The bottom line is that it is a poor investigation. Pikant: the authors of The study had only concealed the fact that you work for the vaccine critics – this was complemented later.

Source: study in “Human & Experimental Toxicology”

Bats threaten the goal of measles Austrottung

“The measles virus is not to eradicate! Our government has promised the world health organization, the measles in Germany by 2015 by increasing the eradicate by vaccination rates. However, recently, researchers have discovered the measles virus in bats. In order to eradicate the Virus fully, you would have to either all bats the same to vaccinate or exterminate.” (

The researchers of the virologist Christian Drosten of the University of Bonn have discovered a with the measles pathogen closely related Virus in bats, not the measles virus itself.

Drosten writes in an E-Mail to SPIEGEL ONLINE: “My Interpretation is that a previously unknown animal viruses can make the prospects of success of ‘human’ eradication programs in question.” So far, however, there are only hints. Also this would not make according to Drosten, the vaccination in question. “We vaccinate only in the second place, due to the eradication of views. First and foremost, the protection of the population against infection, regardless of whether in ten or a hundred years ago an eradication to succeed.” Influenza, you’ll be able to, for example, never wipe out, however, is the one of the most important vaccinations. “The new findings on pathogens in animals mean the contrary, that one should not stop at some point lightly to vaccinate, because it is believed that the pathogen was eradiziert.”

Drosten: “it is Quite clear that my research needs results of Impfgegnern to support their utterly twisted reasoning.”

Source: study in “Nature Communications”

Fit or dead: a lack of understanding in terms of infectious diseases

“It is the nature of an infectious disease, that you stay either without any back damage is weathered or leads to death.” (

Quoted from a book from the sixties, the statement speaks. The Chapter on the measles begins as follows: “The most benign measles infection is one of the serious diseases, because in a certain percentage of children have complications from the respiratory tract or the Central nervous system occur that are lethal or duration can cause damage.”

That the statement of the opponents is outrageous, even on the basis of other infections – just a few examples: Polio and also infantile paralysis is called, because of the permanent paralysis may follow the disease. Certain strains of HPV are involved in the development of cervical cancer, a cognition, for the German researcher Harald zur Hausen received the Nobel prize.

MMR vaccination and autism: the Wakefield debacle

Since the last time there is a controversial debate about the connection between the MMR vaccination and the Occurrence of autism and Crohn’s disease – like disease. Fanned the flames of this had the team of researchers led by A. J. Wakefield.” (

To occupations in the year 2015 on the Wakefield study. It was withdrawn in 2010 by the Lancet. Andrew Wakefield had to answer in front of the British “General Medical Council” (GMC). Confirmed: The doctor had filed a year before the publication of the scientific article, a Patent on an alternative MMR vaccine, and was in League with the lawyers, the parents wanted to represent autistic children in court processes. Wakefield had an interest to discredit the existing vaccine, and he succeeded in a sustainable way. His behavior was in many ways unethical and dishonest, as confirmed by the GMC.

Be the result of the Study could not confirm a number of other research groups, his Thesis is considered to be refuted.

Sources: final report of the General Medical Council to Wakefield, retracted study in the Lancet, for More, see: the Wakefield case in the “British Medical Journal”. Studies related to autism – MMR vaccination. FOR MORE FACTS ABOUT MEASLES AND VACCINATION

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