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Myths about cancer are not Cancer-causing agents


Coffee increases the risk of cancer? The skepticism is appropriate, at least at first glance: The Roasting of the beans acrylamide is formed, it in animal experiments to be carcinogenic. However, these results are not necessarily transferable to humans.

Numerous studies indicate, however, that a protective effect from coffee. According to information from the cancer information service of coffee in front of the prostate seems to be – and to protect liver cancer. The ingredients of the brakes, therefore, changes of the liver tissue, which contribute to cancer. Also, on the occurrence of kidney cancer, skin cancer and uterine cancer coffee could have an impact. “May such a beneficial effect still exists for other tumor types,” writes the German cancer research center (DKFZ). Further research is necessary.

The experts warn against drinking too much coffee because of the caffeine. As a acceptable amount for a healthy adult, up to four cups of filter coffee on the day. Before Drinking coffee should cool down a bit to damaging hot temperatures hides the mucus.