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MRI with copper spiral is easily possible

Researchers at the University of Heidelberg have investigated whether copper IUDs result in women in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to problems. After tests with dummies, you give the all-clear: Except for a minimally distorted image quality no side effects were observed.

In Germany, around ten percent of women prevent with a copper-containing IUD. In the case of a MRI scan a strong magnetic field that can heat up metals. The question was therefore whether copper spirals heat up during the investigation and lead to adverse health effects.

Under the leadership of Professor Dr. Frank Zoellner, University of Heidelberg, different types were tested by spirals of specially for this purpose developed tissue models. It was also investigated whether the Position of the spiral changes by the MRI scan. Both concerns could be dispelled: The study showed that in patients with a copper spiral no increased risk for a heating of the tissue or changes in Position.

The imaging was disturbed while MRI only in the immediate vicinity of the spiral, in CT, the image quality was affected much more by the copper spirals what should be taken into account in the survey findings. For the study, two commonly used field strengths: 1.5 and 3 Tesla.