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MRI and CT – this is the difference

MRI and CT include, in addition to the classical x-ray to the most important imaging procedures. What is the difference between MRI and CT is, and what is the meaning of the abbreviations, many people but not known.

CT the x-ray

A CT works with x-rays. Who gets a CT, is pushed into a tube. A further tube is rotated during the examination, constantly the patient, in the x-ray radiation is generated. Exactly opposite to the rays of the generation of a receiver is appropriate. There, the radiation is collected after it has permeated the various tissues of the body. A Computer uses these to calculate a sectional image, which can look at the doctor on the Monitor.

From these individual cross-sectional images, three-dimensional images are produced by laying the layers on top of each other. These provide significantly more information than a two-dimensional x-ray recording. A specific area is to be displayed in a very high-contrast, additional contrast medium is used.

The disadvantage of CT is the high radiation exposure is – it is significantly higher than a normal x-ray examination. For the doctor, and within a few minutes of informative footage, the allow a secure diagnosis.

The CT is particularly suitable for emergencies, in which quickly a result must be available, and for very ill or troubled patients.

MRI – better known as the nuclear spin

An MRI works quite differently than a CT. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging, also commonly referred to as nuclear spin tomography is used.

In an MRI, no x-ray beams are used, but a strong magnetic field is built up. This magnetic field also generates layer-by-layer images of the body’s interior. With this method, soft” tissue such as the brain, organs and muscles can be “significantly better and more accurate than a CT.

Also in the case of an MRI, the Patient is placed in a tube, the examination takes longer than a CT Between 15 and 30 minutes, the Patient must endure, and very loud knocking noise to endure. These are caused by the magnetic field. For this, the Patient is exposed to harmful x-ray radiation.