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Most deadly disease: cancer, cardiovascular solves-Suffering

Heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, according to a new analysis in middle-aged people is no longer the most common cause of death – at least not in industrialized Nations. Twice as many people die, according to the data of cancer. Globally, cardiovascular remain Suffering, but continues to be the number 1 Killer.

In high-income countries more people are dying now of cancer than of cardiovascular diseases. This is one of the results of the PURE study (Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiologic study), the people between 35 and 70 years in 21 countries with high, medium and low average income have participated. For the in the journal "The Lancet" published work were taken into account 162.534 people, which had been observed between 2005 and 2016, an average of 9.5 years.

Overall, heart disease remains the main cause of death, 40 percent of the deaths occurred as a result of cardiovascular diseases. However, only people from high-income countries, was to Suffer, however, cancer as a cause of death twice as often as a cardiovascular. In countries with low-income patients, a 2.5-died-times more likely to have cardiovascular disease. The study authors suggest that the reason stays the worse health care with less hospital and less use of Medicines is.

In a second publication, also in the "Lancet" appeared, the researchers examined what risk factors have played in the various countries. Accordingly, it is to 70 percent of the preventable risks that lead to cardiovascular disease, including metabolic, behavioral, socio-economic and psycho-social factors. These differences, depending on the income class of domestic air pollution and poor nutrition in countries with low and middle-income goods, often with a cardiovascular-related death associated, in rich countries, by contrast, is more of a high cholesterol, obesity, with an unfavorable distribution of fat on the belly, as well as type 2 Diabetes.



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