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More than 35,000 Infected in Germany – German Bundestag approves historic bailout package

Billions in aid to secure in the Corona-crisis, the livelihood of the citizens, their jobs, the hospital-supply and threatened the company. The Bundestag decided on Wednesday a historic package and enabled the Federal government to massive new borrowing. The Federal Council also wasted no time. While the intensive care units for the Corona-shaft arm, but starts a debate, as long as the contact restrictions are ever to see it through.


With more than 35 300 people in Germany of infection with the Corona is now Virus-detected. A minimum of 180 Infected are nationwide died. The evaluation of the German press-Agency, which takes into account the Figures reported by the länder. Particularly high Numbers of North Rhine-Westphalia, with more than 9400 and Bavaria, with more than 7200, and Baden-Württemberg with more than 6000 cases.

Coronavirus: Prince Charles tested positive

Also, the British heir to the throne Prince Charles (71) has tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. He had only mild symptoms and was otherwise in good health, informed the Palace.

German BUNDESTAG approves HISTORIC bailout package

The first Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) made the citizens of courage in hard times, the Bundestag adopted historical decisions: There is massive support for companies, hospitals, and the citizens directly. The Federal government can take in this year, new loans in the amount of 156 billion Euro.

No Shutdown

Open Restaurants and primary schools: The Swedes continue to live in spite of Corona almost normal

Small firms and the self-employed get the benefits, also for the hospitals, there is a large financial injection. The Bundestag also decided a 600 billion Euro comprehensive protection screen for larger firms. The state wants to enter into large-scale guarantees and, if necessary, important company, in whole or in part nationalize.

For tenants, the Bundestag decided that the landlord may not terminate if you are not able to pay because of the Corona, with the crisis in the rent. The job centre should dispense with Hartz IV-applications for half a year on the examination of the assets. Families with Income dips should be easier to come to the children’s allowance. The regulations now go to the Federal Council, some of the laws of consent are required.

DEBATE OVER the END of THE crisis measures

Already on day two of the harder contact restrictions, a debate has broken out, how long the can be held. The Federal government sees for the time being, no reason for easing. “We are still at the beginning of an epidemic,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of health. Even if a slight Flattening of the curve suggested, there is still a high number of new infections and no reason for the all-clear. It was warn, to speak now of an “exit strategy”.

Close to in spite of Social Distancing

A Quarantini meeting – tips for the chat in Corona-times

Head of Department Jens Spahn (CDU), told the weekly newspaper “die Zeit”: “The question of how we leave this crisis mode, again, is more important every day.” It is going to make public life in times of the epidemic possible. “No later than Easter, I want to be able to a good answer.” It should also be about new ways of solving thinking.

Warnings: the economy could permanently damage

At the same time, there are warnings that the economy will permanently take damage if the measures after Easter, are still in force. Also, the psychological burden of the people must be taken into account.


Union and SPD want that Employees will be rewarded with special services in the Corona-crisis financially. If your employer will pay you a Bonus, must be exempt from tax. The Ministry of Finance is currently considering whether and how such an exemption can be implemented. The Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD), demanded at the same time, higher wages for cashiers and nurses. But this could not be prescribed by the state.


Budget politicians in the Bundestag want to prevent Top managers in spite of the crisis, excessive bonuses are plugging in. Your claim: The Federal government should ensure that the company that shelter under the rescue umbrella of the state, no dividends, bonuses or special payments in the Form of shares packages for their boards. State investments should not be for high Executive compensation or dividends abused.


Corona crisis

When is the madness over? Depends on who you ask

The school-leaving examinations in Germany, will now take place everywhere – as planned, even if other appointments. The education Ministers of the Länder agreed in a switching conference. The tests, in particular, the written Abitur examinations, are held to the planned and a new date by the end of the school year, to the extent this is for reasons of Infection control is allowed”, – stated in the decision. Schleswig-Holstein stepped back from his plans to leave the tests in this school year, fail completely. In Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate students writing their baccalaureate exams currently under strict hygiene regulations. Other countries have moved to the Abi and other school leaving examinations.


Harvest workers and other seasonal workers are not allowed to enter the country since Wednesday afternoon. The spread of the pandemic is to be curbed further. The scheme is valid for entry from third countries, from the UK, for EU countries like Bulgaria and Romania, which do not apply all Schengen rules in full, and for countries such as Poland or Austria, where there are now border checks.

Bauer, President Joachim Rukwied said the ban hit businesses very hard. The stop should be as short as possible. In particular, vegetables, fruit and viticulture farms in urgent need of workers. In agriculture, every year approximately 300 000 Seasonal workers in harvesting and sowing are employed, which come mainly from Eastern Europe.


The intensive stations are gearing up for more patients. Still, the Situation is according to data from intensive care medicine-associations and the German hospital society (DKG) is still relatively normal, in the next eight to ten days, but is expected to take much more seriously ill. Currently, protective equipment for doctors and nursing staff lack. A clinic reported, former nurses at the seams of self-protection masks, but only for normal operation. Hope that the production in China are slow to start again.


The Federal government has, together with tour operators and Lufthansa brought back more than 150 000 abroad stranded German. A number of countries have made because of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus to close borders and air links cut. Around 50 000 travelers are waiting according to the foreign office on special flights. Under firmly seat the end of may, German for the return action register. The Tui wants to bring to this weekend, even customers from long-haul destinations like Thailand, Mauritius, Mexico and Sri Lanka home. Because many Airlines have stopped their operation, are currently unlikely to get a regular line connections.


Also, the US government is planning a Mega-aid package that Republicans and Democrats have agreed. According to President Donald Trump, it is intended to include 2 trillion dollars. Plans include direct aid payments to the U.S. taxpayer, a significant improvement of the unemployment insurance, more money for hospitals and a very comprehensive credit programme for companies. Also in the US, many shops are closed, Restaurants, and movie theaters empty, trips were cancelled.


The heads of state and government of the leading economy in the Corona-crisis on Thursday, want to consult the powers of a special summit. It should be globally coordinated steps to curb the pandemic and to the “human and economic impact,” announced Saudi Arabia, according to state news Agency SPA. The Kingdom has the presidency of the G20 group. Countries and organizations that are not actually part of the G20, should attend.

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