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Merkel calls for: people to social limit contacts as much as possible

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “We have it – and the latest Figures show – to do with a so-called dynamic outbreak to happen. That is, the number of infected people is increasing very strongly. And that is why today has been, once again, in sharper Form, than in the past few days is necessary, that, wherever possible, on social contacts to be dispensed with. Of course, the functioning of the state must be maintained, and also the core areas of the economy has to continue functioning. But that has intended us to be, so to speak, today in our discussion. And that is why we have agreed today, in addition to the cancellation of events with more than 1000 participants, between the Federal government and the States, a waiver of all non-essential events with a thousand participants should follow. This is a call to all members with any other lower limit provided, but simply the question of what is expendable in this current Situation? What should not take place? In addition, it is also been talked about, what does this mean for universities, for schools and kindergartens and day-care centres? And we have, in turn, pointed to the fact that in regions and provinces with signs of a dynamic outbreak to happen, it will be used in accordance with the provisions of the things, gradually more and more regions, as well as the temporary closure of kindergartens and schools is by a extended Prefer the Easter holidays another Option. Germany is what is necessary to do in order to help its economy, secure jobs, and an expression of that already in the morning in a great effort by the German Bundestag plus the Federal Council, we have agreed with each other, the short-time working will decide on money, so that there is security for the employees and the company. And tomorrow afternoon, the Federal Minister of Finance and the Federal economic will present the Minister further measures to support our enterprises, which I can’t now anticipate, but which are also very comprehensive.”