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If the back hurts: 9 tips to painful hemorrhoids to prevent

Did you know that you have hemorrhoids? And your neighbor also? Even your boss! To be exact: Every human being has hemorrhoids. Because you are part of the human body. It is cavernous bodies of blood vessels, the sealing of the Anus.

If in the circle of hemorrhoids is spoken, are usually enlarged hemorrhoids meant. In the case of a so-called haemorrhoidal reach parts of the cavernous body from the Anus. Possible consequences: pain, bleeding, itching or oozing in the anal area.

Tip 1: going to the toilet-reading!

What is hard to admit one is on some German toilets are commonplace: to read on the toilet. On the silent Town to have peace and quiet and undisturbed, reading a Comic book, novel or technical book. Or play on your Smartphone. A good idea, however, is not. At least not if you want to hemorrhoids prevent. Anyone who lingers too long on the toilet, has a unnecessary constant pressure on the anal area, which promotes enlarged hemorrhoids. Therefore, the motto is: time? Yes! Unnecessary time? No!

Tip 2: don’t push!

Who often has to contend with constipation, need to push on the toilet. Exactly what you should avoid, if possible,; because during the pressing process creates a high pressure. And what helps against the constipation? Our tips 3, 4 and 5!

Tip 3: The "Butt hochkriegen"

Plenty of movement is one of the main fights cause of enlarged hemorrhoids: constipation. Who is physically active, stimulates the intestinal movement and counteracts constipation. Those who do not have constipation, do not need to presses on the toilet so much. And who does not have pressing, has less to do with hemorrhoids. Just people who have a Desk job and sit a lot, should ensure a balance.

Tip 4: eat the Right food

Also important for a regular digestion of the food. If regular dietary fiber from vegetables, fruits and whole-grain products are on the Plan, one can achieve a soft bowel movement, can escape without large presses. Plenty of fiber include, for example, whole grain bread, legumes such as beans, peas or lentils or berry fruits.

Tip 5: do not forget to Drink

If you tend to drink too little, you best be in the morning, your “Ration” of Europe. So you have always in view, whether you have met already. It can also be helpful, an empty drinking glass directly replenish, best with water, fruit juice or tea. And how big is the &quot should;Ration" be? At least 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid should an adult drink in the heat or physical exertion, much more.

Tip 6: Go to the toilet, if you need to

It is actually urgent, but the toilet just does not fit into the schedule? The is sometimes not to change – but if possible, you should then go to the toilet, when your body gives the appropriate Signal. To avoid that the chair is harder and unnecessary presses. Conversely, If you don’t want to actually have to go to the toilet and just go, because it would be just time, you should save going to the toilet.

Tip 7: Less pounds = less pressure

Who has less on the Ribs, also exerts less pressure on the anal area. Therefore, you should try if you are Overweight, lose a little. And we back with the tips 3 and 4: The Slimming is particularly good with plenty of movement and a healthy diet!

Tip 8: in The butt to do something Good

Hard to believe, but who has been with hemorrhoids problems, you can make in terms of anal hygiene some things wrong. Avoid excessive Rubbing with toilet paper. Instead be gentle to your behind, and DAB it with a bit of damp toilet paper. Bought moist toilet paper &quot should;Notfällen" reserved, because it often contains irritating ingredients.

Tip 9: shame overcome and go to the doctor

Why do you think in many places it is so hard to get in a timely manner an appointment with the proctologist (= a specialist in rectal diseases)? Right: Incredibly, many people have problems with enlarged hemorrhoids, according to estimates, even every second over a 30-year-old. Do not need to be ashamed of yourself for anal problems, because its problems, one is in good company. The visit to the doctor, you should not push on the long Bank. A haemorrhoidal disease is not dangerous, and treatable, in the advanced stage, but can a SURGERY be necessary. Symptoms such as blood in the stool, itching, oozing, or pain in the anal area, an appointment is appropriate, as well as the feeling of incomplete bowel emptying.

By the way: Without hemorrhoids we’d be screwed, because then it would be a voluntary control over the bowel movement is no longer possible. We constantly have to reckon with going to the toilet by itself.

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