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If all diets fail: the Hardcore methods to the belly to get rid of

Hot wax on the Arm, a cold shower or in a chili pepper bite and the greed can dampen pour to chocolate, ice cream or French fries. Two Viennese psychiatrist to transfer methods from the field of addiction medicine at the eating habits and show how to lose weight is for hopeless cases, without counting calories and the words “Sport” or “healthy”.

Most diets fail, this is known. Nutrition scientists are looking for that is why the world constantly for new approaches to the pandemic of Obesity and associated diseases reduce. A new approach to the Problem now, psychologically, and is aimed primarily at those who simply don’t want to succeed in your excess weight, that can’t change their eating habits permanently, and the food is constantly of loss of control are threatened.

Psycho-Tricks to help alcoholics

This incorrect eating habits, by methods of change that can be applied in addiction medicine for decades, successfully, to show Shird Schindler, a senior physician at the social medical centre of the Viennese Otto Wagner hospital, and his colleague, the Neurosurgeon, and psychiatrist Iris Zachenhofer in her book “lose weight for hopeless cases – Hardcore-tips from the addiction medicine”.

Both have daily to do with people, the are to substances such as alcohol, and illegal substances such as Heroin and cocaine addictive. “The connection between food and Addiction, I realized, however, only really close to the action during a France stay, as our visit was constantly searching for artificial foods – and we had in our secluded house, only fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, and fish,” reports Iris Zachenhofer in an interview with FOCUS Online. The guest irritated was, was only in the mood nor bad, it was very striking, similar to the behavior of the patients of the psychiatrist. Luke Beck, a neurosurgeon and a psychiatrist Iris Zachenhofer

The Doctor began to the topic of Addiction and research of the food, came across many studies that prove this connection. They show, for example, that in the brain of the consumption of certain foods, mainly with the taste in the direction of greasy/sweet and greasy/salty, the same regions activated by drug use. There neurotransmitters are released, a sense of euphoria. A comparable addiction memory drug is formed by a certain kind of food.

The “Dirty Drugs” from the discounters, food with a high potential for addiction

Potentially addictive foods are, the psychiatrist, in the first line of ready-made meals, pre-Packaged, Split, fried food, fast food – the artificial, the greater the risk of Addiction. The highest addiction potential have, according to studies, the following “Dirty Drugs”:

  • Milk chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • French fries
  • Pizza
  • Biscuits
  • Chips
  • Cake
  • Popcorn
  • Cheeseburger
  • Muffins

Natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, a Steak, do not pose this danger. The risky flavor combinations that greasy/sweet and greasy/salty, it is, by nature, actually.

Greed for food Craving like an addict is

These relationships are only gradually revealed, in the process, eating is an addictive nature to be the cause of why many people lose weight, not functioning, says the expert, and criticises the fact that the industry is designed specifically to increase food designs to be addictive, in the brain, the greed trigger for more and more than would be necessary – what are the sales figures of the companies.

People are not undisciplined, but addictive

Attempts to resist this greed, this “Craving” – that is, fail often, and thus the attempt to lose weight. The tragedy is, be Concerned, despair often, and blame yourself for being too weak, too little disciplined, “this is selfish behavior, and explains why it is so difficult,” said Iris Zachenhofer.

Chemical and emotional Craving

The irresistible greed can be triggered, on the one hand, by the artificial food, then it is called chemical Craving. On the other hand, feelings also come as a cause for the Wear. Emotional Craving is, for example, if the strong Desire for food arises, to overcome the inner sense of Emptiness, of sadness.

Based on previous experience, such as a child, when crying is not only a pet, but also Sweet often get to have. Thereby Caress and sweet taste connected with Comfort. And sweets are for everyone always available. Risky it is, if food is used as he caresses the Soul more and more often.

The personal addictive behavior at dinner recognize – Craving-analysis

Appetite and desire to eat mean, however, does not automatically Craving and food addiction. A number of statements which help to identify whether it is normal to Think of food, or Craving, and how heavily it is pronounced, depending on how much the statements apply to you. The two psychiatrists have used the scientific Food Cravings Questionnaire. For Example:

If I have strong Craving for something, I know to eat that I can’t stop once I started.

I feel a strong Craving for certain foods when I am bored, mad or sad feel.

Always when I feel strong cravings for certain foods, I think as long as about eating until I actually eat.

Soft Skills against a moderate Craving – from puzzles to count Backwards

Depending on how strong the Craving is, help different techniques. They come out of the addiction medicine and hot Skills. The Demand is not too strong, advises Iris Zachenhofer to Soft Skills such as

  • Write,
  • Self-massage,
  • Counting backwards,
  • Puzzles,
  • Shoe Shine,
  • in the nature, and much more.

“The important thing is to do something Good with it”, she summarises. Some patients report, for example, iron would be particularly relaxing – Smoothing, folding, tidying up.

Hard Skills against strong voltage – Chili, hot wax and cold shower

The Craving is strong and not the gentle measures, there are corresponding Skills, which are a bit more brutal. “You put a pain stimulus, with which the body has immediately after the pain subsides in parallel with the Craving,” explains the psychiatrist the mechanism. As the Craving flooded like a wave and then disappears again. During this Anflutens of the body can be due to mild pain stimuli do not distract you – it should, of course, no flow of blood, no hematoma arise. Hard Skills may not infringe in any case the body!

Proven Hard Skills of addiction medicine, about of chillies, as many patients report. A bite into the sharp Pod even has a double effect: “First, the sharpness, the spreads in the mouth, and then is stunned for a long time the taste, if you eat something that tastes like nothing and makes it so.” Also

  • Wasabi paste,
  • Lemon,
  • hot wax on the forearm casting,
  • a rubber ring around the wrist absolutely
  • cold and more variants are in the shower.

Important: Hard, but also Soft Skills you should not try out when the Craving sets in. You can test to predict which measures are suitable for you. You choose several, you do not apply one after the other if the first is enough.

Memory seeks to delete?

With these measures, the addiction memory delete? “You can cover it up, so to speak to Dodge, so it will not be activated,” says Iris Zachenhofer. You compare it with a plane, a Thunderstorm creates. The Pilot will divert the flight, something to fly around the turbulence.

This includes, for example, to avoid situations that lead to the excessive eating, such as with friends not into the all you can eat Locally, but to choose a different food form.

Substitution therapy for the proper handling of food

Apart from the Craving, and the appropriate measures – such as Esssüchtige should deal with your diet? Food is essential to life and is available at any time, in contrast to alcohol and Heroin, which should eliminate addicts completely. “For one, you should compare the normal food with a substitution drug, such as methadone,” explains the expert. This means that you should eat so that they can be stably fed, but without the extreme peaks to trigger.

On the other, you can make the conscious selection of foods that you are consistently tired and not greed arises – are known to succeed with plenty of fiber and foods with a low glycemic Index.

Sensible diets for food with addictive behavior

A new diet has been developed by the Viennese Doctors-the Duo, “because there are enough of them!” However, they have analysed the 60 diets, in terms of addictive eating behavior. Recommended are therefore:

  • Interval fasting,
  • Fit for Fun
  • Ideal Diet,
  • Low-Fat

But, above all, the experts promote the Mediterranean diet, because this life is for most of us, that are easy to follow, the Craving does not support, slowly and sustainably, being Overweight degrades.

Four weeks of fasting program without counting calories

Here, the two experts recommend a 28-day “Hardcore fasting” with Craving and Stress scale. For each week a worksheet will be filled out, which includes not only the meals, but also Craving, Stress scale, as well as other parameters. Every day is summed up thus: What am I not and if not managed, what was the reason? The calories should be determined by each for himself, diet plans help as needed.

The goal is to analyze his or her own behavior and diet. “The aim is not to arouse feelings of guilt or to punish, but to figure out what I can do better,” explains the psychiatrist in the Background.

Sport” and “healthy” for a lot of people hate words lead reflexively to the contrary

While all slimming programmes, but also in addiction medicine, sports is an important factor that is Sport as “the one who must not be named, so Lord Voldemort” in reference to Harry Potter. “Studies show that certain words, including sports and healthy right hate words”, so Iris Zachenhofer over the Background. You awaken in many people, negative feelings and pressure that lead to “psychological reactance”, which is a type of in spite of not behavior – right now

Therefore, the factor movement was not excluded, but also not strongly emphasized. “We are of the opinion that sooner or later, if you eat properly and lost a little weight gets, even from self-pleasure, to move”, she argues.

Everyone has Skills that work particularly well with him personally

Craving identify Skills to targeted use, eating behavior, analyze and modify – with this method, the two experts have already made positive experiences in practice. “People have a very good feeling, because you remember, to your eating habits in order to control and to must not the greed to subdue – that is, in Addiction, and harmful eating habits the same,” summarizes Iris Zachenhofer.

The persons Concerned are no longer at the mercy of their feelings, do not know that they are lies, all of it. You can fight them with specific means. Everyone can try out which Skills work best for you – the sharpness, a clothes peg in the Arm, tweak, or an ice cube in the crook of one arm set…The psychiatrist: “This can be a exciting way.” If with all these measures, the greed is overcome, the Remove succeeds, everyone can be proud of yourself. And if not, he can analyze on the basis of the work sheets, what can he do differently next time.

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