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Hunting dog Nevio poisoned when walking Joint-stubs – so you can protect your pet

Nevio is it happened twice already: The German short hair when going for a marijuana-go eaten-leftovers and ended up as an emergency at the animal hospital. Not an isolated case, as a veterinarian Hendrik Lehmann reported. “We see this again and again,” said Lehmann, who is in the hospital for small animals at the University of Gießen, the German press Agency.

“The symptoms in dogs are versatile,” explains the veterinarian: disturbances of balance, dilated pupils, incontinence, Tremors and Twitching, vomiting. “Depending on the severity of the symptoms and ingested dose” could lead to death, white the expert. Particularly dangerous it is, if Cannabis is put in biscuits or cake. Because chocolate is for dogs alone is dangerous, and the combination of Sweet and THC mountains special risks.

A growing Problem of THC-poisoning in animals in the United States, where some States Cannabis is legalized. Also from Switzerland, you’ve found an increase. “From Germany, there is, to our knowledge, no data on the frequency,” at the University of Gießen.

Owner of Nevio first thought of a stroke

In the case of Nevis, the owners first thought of a stroke. They brought the hunting dog that could barely keep himself on his feet, in a Frankfurt clinic. In the case of a urine test in the Cannabis active substance THC was detected. The staff calmed the surprised owner of The dog could have eaten on the road the Rest of a joint, the come with all the eaters.

The case is different by the way, in the case of drug detection dogs. You don’t sniff out the drugs, in themselves, as Gerold Günther explains, the head of the Department of Service dogs of the police Academy of Hessen: “drugs are for the dog just as unattractive as a disintegrant.” The conditioning works on the prey-catching behavior of the animals. The drugs are Packed in a toy. “About the game, the dog gets used to the specific smell of the contents.”


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Medical Emergency kit for drug detection dogs

Even if the dog is not interested in the drug itself, it may happen that he comes accidentally into contact with the mercury. Therefore, each service dog handlers have a medical Emergency, explains the police officer. So that the dog can be treated in the case of the case immediately. He vomits the substance, before the drug can be absorbed through the stomach.

Nevio got in the hospital Infusion, with the of drug residues were flushed. Funny that wasn’t for the animal and the owner – also if a after eating hash cookies debil grin was of the Chihuahua recently to the Internet star. Veterinarian Lehmann advises, to protect dogs, by trained out of them “substances, the intake of foreign”, “in the extreme case,” help to Wear a Maulkorbs.