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Health insurance should not pay for homeopathy

SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach wants. statutory health insurance, the reimbursement of homeopathy prohibit “We need to talk in the Grand coalition about it,” he told the “daily mirror”. Health insurance companies are not obliged in Germany to take on the cost of homeopathic treatments. You can, however, voluntarily pay for it.

Voluntary services of the health insurance funds would have to be cost-effective and medically appropriate, and argues Lauterbach, and refers to a similar attempt in France. According to the French Supreme health authority (HAS) the resources, scientifically speaking, it is not enough. The Ministry of health had commissioned the HAS to before the test. It is considered likely that the French government is abolish the cost of acquisition soon.

“In the sense of reason and the enlightenment, as well as the patient’s protection, it is also in Germany, incorrectly, that funds from marketing reasons, to pay for homeopathy,” wrote Lauterbach in response to the decision in France on Twitter. New, its claim is not. Lauterbach had already adopted it in 2010 for a ban on the cost of acquisition.

The Federal Joint Committee (GBA), which decides on the duty performance of the statutory funds, to support its claim. Methods of treatment without clear evidence of effectiveness and Use should not be ennobled “by the fact that they are paid by funds as a Statute performance,” said GBA Chairman Josef Hecken the “daily mirror”.

Criticism of Lautenbach proposal comes from the Union. The health policy spokeswoman, Karin Maag, thinks it’s a mistake to limit the voluntary services of the insurer. “We do not run a crusade against naturopaths and naturopathy,” she said to the “daily mirror”. You think it is right to safeguard the freedom of choice of the patient. The current Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), was in 2010, but is open to the proposal to prohibit the cost of acquisition.