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Health begins with good nutrition – this is a clinic for Natural medicine has been recognized

A warm hood, including a slice of liver cheese, instant mashed potatoes, zerkochtes vegetables – so you know lunch is in the hospital. Must it be so? “No, it doesn’t,” says Professor Gustav Dobos, Director of the clinic for Naturopathy and Integrative medicine, which is one of the clinics Essen-Mitte. The meals, the get the patients there, are rich in vitamins and nutrients and without chemical additives. Most of all: they taste great.

The food in the food serves not just the saturation, but is part of the therapy concept. “We encourage our patients to vary in terms of their health and their lifestyle. Since it would be implausible for you here are some Ate up to offer,” says Dobos. “The hospital food in Germany is often so bad that you could throw them away unseen. The full value of the food our cuisine is so tasty that the employees look forward to the food.”

Natural healing with the “Mediterranean day”

To be part of his Team, the right therapist, Anna, Paul and nutritionist Sigrid Bosmann. Together, they have developed the food concept of the “Mediterranean day”: little meat, lots of fruits and regional Vegetables, healthy fats.

To be able to the concept to establish, it needed support. First and foremost, a managing Director, the mind that good food serves good health. The whole foods is about 35 percent more expensive than normal hospital food. For this anticipate the German clinics very roughly, with about eight euros per Patient and day. In the clinics Essen-Mitte, there are eleven.

This kitchen coordinator Peter Beer making in its Central kitchen 1450 lunch per day came – a quarter of a full meals worth and four clinics supplies. He makes according to the method of “cook and chill” to work: to cook meals 80 percent, then three degrees to cool down, deliver and re-heating. So the vegetables remain crisp, and flavour and nutrients are preserved. The Essen clinic trains the patients on a very practical level, by cooking classes – in order to eat even after the dismissal well and healthy.

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