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Harm late dinner health?

Women who take later in the evening a lot of calories, may have disease at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. A recent U.S. study suggests, the results of which will be presented next week at the Congress of the American Heart Association in Philadelphia.

A survey on nutrition and a heart-healthy life-style among 121 women showed that most of them would be eating after 18 o’clock. Those who participated in the dinner, the largest proportion of their daily calories showed disease and more risk factors for cardiovascular. The rule of thumb was: The more calories the women ate, the worse it was ordered to the health of your heart. So women took to 18 at the most calories had the pressure, rather high blood, a higher BMI and poorer blood sugar control.

With frümore eat prevent times heart disease?

"So far, life-style focused approaches to the prevention of heart disease, what we eat and how much we essen", the study’s author, Dr. Nour Makarem from Columbia University in New York said. The preliminary results suggest, however, that even with a change in meal times the risk for heart disease could reduce can. The preliminary results because only a small group of women was investigated.

In addition to Food diaries, the researchers analyzed the extent to which the women of a heart-healthy life-style used by the American "Life’s Simple 7"-Recommendations was evaluated. Among them are:

  • Non-Smoking
  • Sufficient physical activity
  • A Healthy Diet
  • Control of body weight
  • Keep a normal cholesterol level
  • Normal Blood Pressure
  • Normal Blood Sugar Levels


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