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Greed for profit? Palatine clinic, ventilated, severely ill patients appear to be longer than necessary

In the city clinic in the Rhineland-Palatinate city of Frankenthal seem to be connected to terminally ill patients for financial reasons, for a very long time on ventilators, some longer than necessary.

The place to research the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" close. Among other things, two large heart hospitals from the surrounding area, patients lay intensive to Frankenthal, the need to elaborate operations on artificial respiration. The "SZ" an agreement is in place, after which the chief doctor of the intensive care unit evidently got bonus payments, which increased the longer patients were hanging on the ventilator.

Internally, this doctor is pushing his Team again and again to ventilate patients until the clinic proceeds of the relevant time stamps to be achieved, say employees. The city hospital Frankenthal is a house of care. You offers officially ventilator weaning, but is not certified for it.

Eight of the eleven cases evaluated as critical

In a report, which the President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and emergency medicine (DIVI), Uwe Janssens, for the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" has created, he points out that always patients to Frankenthal to be sent, which would be much too sick for a successful respiratory training – sometimes so sick that they have little life time.

Janssens has examined anonymised records of eleven patients, between March 2018 and may 2019 to Frankenthal. Eight of these cases he evaluated critically, in the case of several of them, he speaks of “absolutely incomprehensible” and “tragic” decisions of the Doctors. The impression that many of these patients were weaning from the ventilator, too weak, confirmed by a second specialist in respiratory medicine.

The hospital rejects allegations

The city hospital Frankenthal refers to the assessment of these cases on the protection of privacy. Frankent neck mayor Martin Hebich (CDU), who spoke for the hospital, but, you have never admitted intentionally moribund patients: no relocation letter was the result of a “pure palliative situation”. It could be the case that such patients would get a lump sum until the end of the full therapy.

Doctors are often just not agree as to whether a man was standing at the end of life. You have found in your own analysis, no indication of “systematic influence on the duration of Ventilation was taken”. All of the interventions were medically indicated. To the bonus payments for the chief doctor, “to consider personnel matters” to give”, for legal reasons, no information”. The chief physician responded to a "SZ"-Request.

Because health insurance companies pay for artificial respiration tens of thousands of euros, and there is a particularly high risk for abuse. Clinics are not currently paid for it, if you help a person to breathe again. The money is there for the hours on the ventilator. From the top Association of statutory health insurance funds, it is said that it was “urgently necessary”, eliminating “disincentives to work”.

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