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Germans are getting fatter – especially men

The Germans have become in the last few years thicker: Considered in 2005, 41.5 per cent of women and 57.9 per cent of men as being overweight, it was 2017 already, 43.1 percent of women and 62.1 per cent of the men. The Federal Statistical office informed on the occasion of world health day on 7. April. As the chart from Statista shows, the rose, especially the part of the obese, so obese.

According to the world health organization (WHO), people with a BMI classified as 25 as overweight, and over 30 as obese. The BMI is calculated from the weight divided by body height to square. The weight is determined in proportion to the body size. Critics say this type of arrangement, because it is simplistic and muscle mass and fat distribution.