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Fainting: How long to the hospital?

For the first time, canadian doctors have issued recommendations on how long patients should be observed after a fainting. They distinguished between people with heart rhythm disorders of low risk and patients with a medium or high risk.

A impotence is in most cases harmless. Sometimes, heart rhythm disorders are but, depending on the cause and severity of severe consequences. Canadian emergency physicians have now developed a simple method to patients classified in different risk groups, the differences in the observed intensively.

The results, according to the majority of patients with low risk can be discharged after two hours without further Monitoring of the heart rhythm home. After six hours, a doctor may decide, in patients with medium and high risk, whether to stay in the hospital. These patients benefit from a Monitoring of the heart rhythm at home for 15 days.

"Our study suggests that three-quarters of the unconscious-pleasing patients have a low risk for complications. They can be safely sent home, if they were two hours in the emergency room and a doctor seen you hat", Dr. Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy, the emergency doctor and scientist at the University hospital in Ottawa.

In an observational study, the emergency physicians had examined 5581 patients from six Emergency clinics in Canada and the risk to the patient is determined to suffer within the next four weeks, a heart rhythm disorder with serious complications.