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Ecuador is sinking in the Corona-Chaos – now the coffins are even just under

You can see in the Video: Ecuador’s crisis are due to the Corona-now the coffins in short supply.

Employees of the government in Ecuador, a gathering on the streets of Guayaquil coffins. It is often the only bodies that are scantily covered with Tarpaulins or cloths. The port city with 2.7 million inhabitants, is particularly affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Here there are more Covid-19-victims as in Colombia and Argentina. Out of fear of infection, coroner, Doctors, and undertakers often refuse to examine the victim or pick-up. Many of the Deceased therefore lie for days in their homes. This man has lost two members due to the pandemic, and is extremely angry: “This damn government is a plague. Why don’t you show your faces? Damn Government. Ecuador has become infected, the first infected Person came with the plane. There, where the wealthy Christian families trips, families from Guayaquil.” The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno announced himself via Twitter to a word: He announced an investigation into the mismanagement in dealing with the dead. No one should be buried without being identified. Everyone deserve a farewell in Dignity, so Moreno. Among those who have been infected in Ecuador with the Virus, are a disproportionately high number of Doctors and nurses, which the health system is charged additionally. To bury the dead, to be created in a hurry new cemeteries. Even coffins are scarce, the room people try, under high pressure, to deliver supplies.