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Cancer-stricken mother refused chemotherapy rather she wanted to eat vegan

As for Katie Britton-Jordan three years ago, breast cancer was diagnosed, Doctors recommended to have a breast amputation and chemotherapy carried out. So they wanted to save the life of the then-37-Year-old. The Briton, however, was against this type of treatment. Instead, they opted for a so-called holistic, holistic Lifestyle, including switching to a vegan diet.

As the mother of a five-year-old daughter was hoping to be able to extremely aggressive cancer fight – against all medical advice. After nearly three years of fighting Katie Britton-Jordan died at the end of may at the age of 40 years, as her husband Neil announced on their Facebook page.

It breaks my heart to be writing this but on Saturday 25th May, Katie, with the same grace and strength she handled…

With chemotherapy for breast cancer “poisoning his body”

His wife had died in the circle of family and friends, it says in the Post. Your five-year-old daughter and her best friend, had picked flowers, and the death-bed of their mother decorated. “Our little girl had to learn at a young age is a hard lesson, and I just don’t have the answers, when she asks: ‘Why did we have to say Bye Bye?'”, the husband writes.

Katie Britton-Jordan had documented their life in the past few years on your Facebook page. Although she was diagnosed with an aggressive Form of breast cancer, had her to the Doctors in chemotherapy-treatment with relatively good chances of cure given, reported the British newspaper “The Sun”. Britton-Jordan, but refused. In 2017, she wrote, according to the “Sun”: “So you poisoned his body. In my opinion, there are many other ways that are much more promising than chemotherapy.”

Husband asks for respect

Instead, she tried various alternative healing methods. This is also vegan diet belonged to. “I feel really good and can still work and me to take care of my daughter. I eat mainly raw vegetables and fruit. That helps,” said Britton-Jordan. “If I had Chemo, I would probably now confined to bed. I know friends who have not recovered from the Chemo in her life.”

However, the cancer in her body more and more. Friends donated money for her treatment, for Britton-Jordan and there was still no rescue. For your waiver to the chemotherapy you received a lot of misunderstanding and criticism, finally, disagreed with your assessment of the medical research. Her husband called in his farewell Posting, nevertheless, to preserve the respect for the deceased: “I know that some people have a different opinion about what Katie would do. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change their courage and their Dignity in the last three years.”

Sources: “The Sun” / “Katie’s Page” on Facebook