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Can kill this new Super-mask really are corona viruses?

You can see in the Video: Can kill a new “Super-mask” really a virus? Video source:

In the search for means to fight against the Coronavirus research drives new flowers. Several companies develop face masks that do not hold the Virus back, but can kill. Here, you have access to an effect that occurs already in nature.

The Coronavirus, so experts believe is transmitted mainly through Sneezing, coughing and to Speak ejected droplets and aerosols. The Wearing of face masks is therefore widely used not only in hospitals, but now also among the normal population. Various companies have now developed a new Generation of masks, the can’t stop the Virus, but even kill them.

The canadian company I3 Biomedical announced recently that their face mask makes the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 in the case of contact harmless. Researchers at the University of Toronto confirmed that more than 99 percent of the corona virus can be killed on the outer surface of the model Triomed Active and within minutes, says a press release from the University. This was a “blessing” for employees in the health sector. As for this point, the use of conventional face masks, a risk – researchers from Hong Kong report in a study that on the outer side of surgical masks could be after seven days of infectious coronaviruses detected.

Exactly how this works and what the German infection researcher Dr. Thomas Jacobs of the mask holds, you will see in the Video.