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Bladder cancer: Four risk factors show whether you need to go to the screening – Video

The symptoms for bladder cancer are many and varied, and largely unknown. More than age and sex, job and life-style a very big role. A urologist explains what are the factors that his patients often underestimate.

Each year about 15,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with bladder cancer. Because the first signs are very nonspecific, it is difficult to detect it at an early stage. In the early stages, Sufferers can find, for example, blood in the Form of a slightly reddish or brownish discoloration in your urine or frequent urinary feel urge. Only later, when the Tumor presses on the organs, with the addition of pain in the abdomen.

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Although he is so often, know a lot of German only a little about it. Gerson Lüdecke is pour urologist at the University hospital. He has developed a Test by which each risk can be assessed. For this, he distinguishes four factors. The more of these that apply to you, the more likely it could be cancer of the bladder affected.

1. The Nicotine Risk

Cigarettes can not only lead to lung cancer, they are also considered as the greatest risk factor for bladder cancer. According to Lüdecke Smoking for about 50 percent of the tumors responsible.

2. The Professional Risk

Who has a lot to do with colors, tar or rubber, is exposed to toxins that contribute to the development of bladder cancer. Nowadays, the rules are very strict. But it can take up to 40 years before the cancer actually develops.

3. The personal risk

Other risk factors are gender and age. Men are affected, for example, up to three times more likely to have bladder cancer than women. And also, if there are Affected in each age group, cancer of the bladder is considered to be a cancer in the late years of life: men are diagnosed on average with 74, women of 77 years.

4. The medical risk

Who has already been treated because of a tumour in the pelvic area or chemotherapy, has made developing the disease have an increased risk of bladder cancer. The same is true for people who have particularly often struggle with urinary tract infections.

You should not have the suspicion that something is wrong with your bladder, you should consult a urologist. This can clarify the symptoms and in the best case, early intervention.

The Test of Gerson Lüdecke, you can make it here.


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