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Between meals and Snacks to plan properly

A little snack or would you rather not? Diet according to scientists, this is not the essential question, because almost all people take in the course of the day, between meals. But it need not necessarily be sweets, biscuits or Chips: Who eats healthy Snacks, can look for the little Hunger in between, without having negative consequences for the weight to be feared.

"It is very important not to eat mindlessly and to be aware of what is included in the Snacks ist", Prof. Dr. Anne Thorndike, of Harvard Medical School in Boston says. It is recommended to choose in-between meals, the food, the sugar and salt are, for example, fruit and vegetables, low-fat cheese, nuts, or yogurt. Warns of a supposedly "gesunden" or "natürlichen" Products: Many nutrient bars, fruit yoghurts and Smoothies contain more calories and sugar than a regular chocolate bar. To expose this, it helps to look at the nutritional information.

Calories it is also available in liquid Form: While most people are aware that soft drinks and fruit juices with plenty of sugar and contain calories, many know that this also applies to some of the coffee drinks. Who wants to be sure, brings the best healthier Alternatives from home.

Almost every adult eats Snacks

A report by the US Department of agriculture from the year 2011 came to the result that 90 percent of adults took at least one meal a day, and that these account for about a quarter of the daily calories accounted for. A further study in the year 2019, showed that almost a quarter of employed adults at work, Snacks from vending machines, Cafeterias, or of employers and colleagues offered between meals ate, containing per week, an average of about 1,300 calories.


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