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Against greed, for example, in German clinics: This is the man who brings Doctors to appeal to the masses

Ludwig Hammel know what it means when patients are in the hospital at the mercy of economic interests. Daily he listens on the phone-the new stories of his comrades. They suffer, just as he himself, at the pain of rheumatism liable tables disease ankylosing spondylitis, where the spine is stiffened gradually. If left untreated, the Affected can within a few years, unable to work and in early retirement.

Also mutton, it would be almost as issued. For seven years he wandered with increasing back lumbar area of a doctor pain in the depths to the doctor, got pain killers, a syringe, a few sessions of physical therapy until he landed finally with a rheumatologist and was diagnosed. It took only one x-ray image, a blood test and a few functional tests. For the former high-performance athletes, Ski and surf instructors mutton it was too late, the disease was far advanced. Today is supported by its rigid spine and two steel rods, which are anchored by screws 16 into the bone.

In patients with rheumatoid arthritis are not lucrative for hospitals

1.5 million people in Germany suffer from rheumatic diseases. Economically, they are uninteresting for hospitals. The billing system system, is designed to “procedures” – procedures of all kinds, from the gastroscopy to large operations.

The diagnosis of rheumatic disease patients is often detective work, expensive and time-consuming. Time is a rare commodity in the efficiency of trimmed clinic, finally, the Doctors could provide as a rate of return carriers while many other patients with many “procedures”. Once diagnosed, need rheumatism patients, especially the medicines, physiotherapy, and a lot of movement – also it is little deserved. And so the important field is saved in the whole of Germany, broken.

More and more beds are to be reduced

Example, the Metropolitan area of Hamburg: “The number of inpatient beds for the Concerned, originally, four locations has declined in recent years, from more than 100 to about 30,” says Ina Kötter, which worked until the middle of this year at one of these locations, the Hamburg Asklepios clinic Altona, and then, together with their almost complete team of Doctors, including some of the nurses and physiotherapists announced. You don’t want to speak currently to the reasons, but the Hamburg regional Chairman of Peer Aries jump to page: The Department was, at least according to the information available to him is profitable, however, with the Return of the company not have been compatible.

The press speaker of the Asklepios group is contesting this demand of the star and refers to the Kötter Professor at the University of Hamburg followed was to have a successor to be found for them. If and when the other employees are replaced, which had terminated, he leaves open, however.

“Hamburg is no exception,” says Ina Kötter. “Nationwide, there are examples of some very renowned Specialist hospitals, which have been closed.” Although you could be proficient at treatment of patients in many situations, even in an outpatient setting. “But if patients can suffer severe relapses with pulmonary or renal involvement or in pain barely moving, then you belong in hospitals,” says Kötter.

The waiting times for rheumatology patients are between four and eight months

Long ago, the precarious Situation of the hospitals impact on the outpatient area. Only a few Doctors want to form in the poorly quenched and tempered special field, and for the Interested, the hospitals do not keep sufficient Points. Annually, only about 30 internists put the extra from the specialist examination. “That’s not enough to replace the due to pension retiring colleagues,” says Kötter. The waiting times for rheumatology patients nationwide between four and eight months for a specialist appointment, even though you know that it is extremely important to treat as early as possible and adequately to prevent late damage.

In Schweinfurt, where mutton and his wife, the 25-year-old daughter and the cat “mermaid” lives in a detached house, there are two hospitals – neither with rheumatology. “The next Department is located 50 kilometres in Würzburg, but even there beds were mined,” says mutton.

With pain in the back, the Doctors begging for a syringe attached to

Impressively it has remained in your memory, as he racked once in an emergency room of a hospital without rheumatology, the pain is strong, a syringe begged. “There is an acute thrust was on the March, in a hospital with rheumatology, it would have taken me to be stationary and treated with drugs that suppress the immune system.” But the young Internist in the emergency room I initially questioned the diagnosis. The pain-filled syringe got mutton, finally, only because he was able to present to the consulted the chief physician of a business card, which identified him as a managing Director of Deutsche Vereinigung Morbus Bechterew e. V.

As the mutton in the star about the Doctors-appeal las, he came immediately to the idea of him with all the forces to support it. “This was long overdue. And we are one of rheumatologic patients to those who suffer the most from the Commodification of health care,” he says.

Therefore, he started an Online Petition, under the title of “people before Profit: the Economization of German hospitals, abolish it!” – also in the names of other patients with chronic diseases, suffering from the pursuit of profit, and, for example, Diabetes mellitus, psoriasis or inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease suffering. In the Petition, mutton, and calls on the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn directly, the Central claims of the medical appeal implement.

The Petition can each easy online sign:

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