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After solid Corona outbreak: Gütersloh asks for the help of the Bundeswehr

In the district of Gütersloh is after the massive Corona outbreak in the slaughterhouse required Tönnies quick and effective crisis management. Therefore, the authorities with the help of the Bundeswehr requested, as quickly as possible all of the other Tests in the affected company to perform: “We have Commitments from the army and hope you give us from Friday, with staff support,” said Inga Bambana, spokeswoman for the district, the star. In total, 13 soldiers with medical knowledge of the language and twelve additional employees for the documentation help.

“There are still 5350 Tests of the employees in the production,” said Bambana. The volunteers of the German Red cross and order of Malta were on the edge of the load-carrying capacity. The goal is to be able to thousands of Corona Tests per day, said Bambana. So far, in the battle for at least 730 people operations at Sars were tested CoV-2.


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Tönnies has apologised to the population

The district has established a crisis staff, trying to prevent total Shutdown. 7000 people are now in quarantine. As a precaution, were closed as of Thursday, day-care centres and schools in the district. Up to the North Rhine-Westphalia summer holidays Start 26. June – will only be offered emergency care.

The company Tönnies apologized on Wednesday for the population for the outbreak. The reasons for the infection to happen a lack of clarity still prevails. It is believed that employees brought with them the Virus may be from their home holidays in Eastern Europe. But the working conditions and the cold temperatures in the cutting areas to have fueled the spread.

The German army had already done in the district of Lippe assistance, because there in March, five doctor’s offices have closed.

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