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After image report: Drosten maintains validity of its viral load study

In the current episode of his Corona-Podcasts Christian Drosten accuses some of the media, a lack of understanding of scientific processes. The review of studies, their examination and subsequent publication in a professional journal to be “a normal scientific process, perhaps the certain media do not understand or is not transferred in a shortened reporting”. On the occasion of his statement, a report of the “Bild”newspaper, in which four scientists to Express criticism of an Drosten-study. The investigation deals with viral loads in the different age groups.


The hunt for the vaccine, so scientists want to Covid-19 defeat

Drosten, even in the run-up to the “image”-the publication on Twitter of the “quote scraps” and renewed his criticism of the current Podcast episode. Apparently, the editors of the newspaper had not spoken even with all the scientists, the quotes come from Twitter Posts, and scientific articles. All four scientists had distanced himself in the meantime “very clear” from the reporting, Drosten. The current public discussion, he experience as “completely misleading”.

In the study, Drosten and his Team have analyzed a different virus loads in different age groups. The investigation is a Pre-publication on a Preprint Server, which has not yet been reviewed by independent scientists. The “image”newspaper, the main criticism is directed primarily against the statistical analysis of the data. It was, however, only a “SideShow,” says Drosten. The statement of the study is clear: “It loads also in children, very high Virus”. For the medical Interpretation and the importance of this data, the criticism from the statisticians had “absolutely no consequence”.

Drosten maintains significance of the study

A further analysis of the data have even delivered a “much stronger” results. The realization that children have the same virus concentration as in other age groups also was therefore “abundantly clear”, the renowned virologist. “There’s nothing to criticize”.

At the same time Drosten said that he and his Team for suggestions for improvement and criticism from other scientists were. “Yes, this is just part of a scientific publication,” says the virologist. The feedback of a Statistician to the study had even been so robust, that he will now be listed as a Co-author. Currently, an Update of the study in work, which will be filed in connection to the publication in a Journal.

Christian Drosten Before in his Podcast regularly on the opportunities and risks of so-called publications. With a view to his own study, he said in a past episode of the podcast, you have to deal with the data “very careful and very critical”.

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