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A nurse, wearing only a Bikini under a transparent protective clothes and gets in Trouble

A nurse in Russia has to get in Trouble because she wore a Bikini under your protective clothing. With her and her colleagues to seek a dialogue on the requirements and the appearance of the clothes had been conducted for the hospital staff, informed the competent health authority to Russian media reports. The woman was shown a yellow card as well.

The authority was responding to a photo from a hospital for infectious diseases in Tula, about 170 kilometers South of Moscow. On the Bikini of the woman under the transparent protective suit is to be seen. She wore, also, mouth protection, gloves and safety glasses.

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Nurse receives encouragement from the Internet

The young woman stated that she had been under the protective clothing to be warm. You didn’t think that her Bikini was actually in. On the Internet there was a lot of encouragement: “Well done! The main thing is that the patients feel good.” With a view to the protection suits, it was the name of the work: “The whole day in this condom, but it is torture.”

Doctors in Russia don’t complain in the Corona-crisis in many cases that you have enough protective clothing. Many Doctors and nurses are already infected with the Virus. Activists have to Google a “list of remembrance”, is created with more than 240 names of hospital employees who died in the Corona-crisis.

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