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17 degrees difference in a short period of time: What is the change in the weather with our body makes

Lightning, thunders, and in a few hours, the temperature plummeted in Parts of Germany, around 17 degrees, from the humid tropical heat to windy and cold. The sharp temperature jumps, the constant change of the Extreme without a Transitional mess for us humans, too.

“The constant Back-and-Forth, that the weather changes from one day to the other, or within the day so blatant turns, ensures that the body fails to so, it is actually very good adaptability of the people overwhelmed,” says Prof. Andreas Matzarakis (59), medicine, meteorologist from the German weather service.

Typical consequences of respiratory diseases, circulatory problems, joint pain, headache. Migraine patients call the change in the weather, especially the temperature fall to hot days, often as a trigger for attacks.

During Stress, the body is particularly vulnerable

“The weather is not to blame, but it is what brings the barrel to Overflow”, so Prof. Matzarakis. If the health is weakening anyway due to pre-existing conditions, health Status is poor and the General stress-strain, whether the organism is particularly susceptible. This is not a new wisdom. But the change to extremes is increasing, and the power to create.

Rheumatics and people with osteoarthritis feel abrupt Weather in the joints. “To the inflammatory factors the weather doesn’t change, but the threshold of pain is measurably decreased when temperature and humidity change,” says Angela Schuh is a Professor of medical climatology at the University of Munich. “We are set to stable weather conditions,” explains Prof. Matzarakis. “There can protect the body much better and yourself regulate.”

Constantly new weather records

Now, constantly new, the weather broke records in ever shorter intervals. Thunderstorms, Heavy rain, tornadoes: “Spot-to take Extreme weather events,” confirms Dominik Jung Met from the national weather service Q. There are also health a result costs us, says Prof. Matzarakis. Of more frequent emergency service missions, and more visits to the doctor failures to work time. So not only the earth, but also the man for the self-inflicted climate change pays very directly to the mine.

That global warming is the cause of weather extremes, “is 97 out of 100 scientists is indisputable,” stresses ARD-weather expert Sven Plöger. The could not only with the Thermometer measure. “In the past, there was often a West wind lay, now often East wind and therefore the weather is congestion from North to South.”

The North pole is the Motor of development

Last week, in front of big Thunder, it was about 30, in Paris, 14 degrees. “On the border, there were violent Storms.” The main reason is the weather is turning, that highs and lows to draw more slowly, they remain longer in the same place – see the record-breaking summer of 2018, heavy rain 2017. The engine, Plöger, is to be found at the North pole: “The Polar ice is retreating dramatically. There are on the earth at all only weather, because the Equator is very hot and the Polar circle is very cold.“

Now, where the air is heated by the climate-damaging gases through the poles, would be the compensatory movements of the lower. This disturbs the global Jetstream, the winds ten kilometers in height. The air mass boundary is built up for days, to discharge all the more powerful. Consequence: Drought, Flood, Temperature-Jumps. A Strong Rain. Tornadoes such as this week in Bocholt. “In the future will be more and it is made of people”, is dedicated meteorologist for sure.

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Warning against irreversible climate crisis

Australian researchers warn in a new study in the near future, irreversible climate crisis, if the international community does not act. In 2050, the turning point for the melting of the ice sheets in Greenland and West Antarctica would have been exceeded, it is a “Hothouse”scenario, the threat, then 54 percent of the world’s population would be exposed to more than 20 days in the year, a heat, the go above and beyond what can survive people.

Climate researcher Prof. Mojib Latif of Geomar Helmholtz-stressed centre for ocean research in Kiel, that this Report “calculate Low – Cost Probab ability-High Impact Events”, i.e. events that occur with low probability but enormous damage had potential. The data show what might happen in the worst case, if there is no ambitious climate protection.

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Tips to strengthen in the changing weather

Head pressure, anxiety, irritability, lack of concentration, pain in the limbs: The circulatory problems. When the weather changes, with mainly office workers and city residents.

Seven tips on how to strengthen us – to go out as often as possible to fresh air.

The strength of the grains

Oat bran, oatmeal, wheat germs and especially Flaxseed the same sensitivity to weather by plant hormones. Soak a tablespoon of Golden flax seeds over night in 1/4 Liter of water. Eat in the morning, the source of liquid to drink.

Are you the Bunny

A nibble a day, two carrots or drink carrot juice. Carrots remove excess acid. Sensitivity to weather is a Stress to the body, acidifies it. You Make Hangover Breakfast.

Half a salt herring a day

Provides mineral-Power. Whole grain bread (Vitamin E) with finely chopped chives against limp-causing iron deficiency.

The healing power of the monastery woman

Drink three times a day tea (willow bark, chamomile, nettle, St. John’s wort, green tea) with a teaspoon of Klosterfrau Melissengeist. The centre for research in Biometeorology in Vienna, treated 14 000 Wetterfühlige in order. Success: 90 percent of the weather fühligen felt better.

Fragrances for sensitivity to weather

You give 20 drops of sandalwood in a bowl of water and place it in the living room. The calms.

Dachshund handle against sensitivity to weather

Grasp with the right Hand in the nape of the neck and drag you off, as you would lift a dog or a cat. This “Dachshund handle” tempting acupressure-relaxation point.

Ancient Kneipp-Trick

Let ice-cold water in the sink. Immerse both forearms, five, six seconds. Strip the Wet only with the fingers. In the apartment to run around in a dry pan. This boosts the circulation.

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This article was written by Sieglinde Neumann