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You've Got to Have This Convo With Your Daughter

1. Menopause doesn’t begin at the same time for everyone.

2. Medication and lifestyle choices can help reduce symptoms.

3. Focusing on bone health becomes even more important after menopause.

4. Reducing stress results in a smoother menopausal transition and experience.

5. Menopause is NOT shameful.

The key lesson to communicate to the younger generation about menopause is a simple one: shame and secrecy aren’t at all necessary when it comes to this event. The media and pop culture promote the idea that a woman’s worth is connected to her youth (even celebrities like Charlize Theron aren’t immune to this harmful perception), but that’s a misogynistic and patriarchal perspective that has no place in today’s society. If you’re a cis woman, you will experience menopause at some point in your life, and if we can speak openly and candidly about the realities of this time, we’ll help raise an enlightened, grounded, and prepared future generation of women.

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