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Pizza Baby Wins the Internet With the Best Milestone Pictures We've Seen

Disclaimer: This author is trying not to be bitter that her own babies arrived on the scene before camera phones and Instagram. Additional disclaimer: I’m failing. I’m totally bitter.

I mean, come on! All those ridiculously cute monthly milestone shots have become a thing. I missed out on a huge mom thing. While all you millennial mamas capture milestones religiously (and effortlessly) and swap loads of your adorbs baby pics 24-7, I’m over here popping Xanax waiting for my baby’s college acceptance (or rejection) letters. No fair. I cry foul play.

Well, I was crying foul play until one mom came along who brought actual joy to my bitter, FOMO-confirmed heart with her original approach to baby milestone pictures.

Dani Giannandrea, a Baltimore photographer, shared a photo project of her second son, Lorenzo, on Feb. 16. It involved a cute-as-hell baby — and a whole lot of pizza from her favorite place, Il Forno Express of Frederick, Maryland. Her photo series depicted Lorenzo’s month-by-month growth up to age 1, which was Feb. 10 for our fave pizza delivery boy. Five months old, five slices. Ten months, ten slices. You follow?

Honestly, Baby Lorenzo is the best pizza topping since pepperoni. Make it 12 extra-large Lorenzo pies for me, hold the anchovies:

This concept so beats most of the usual month-by-month baby series. Forget the flowers and the little light-up boxes and the chalkboards meticulously lettered by hired scribes. Pizza is where it’s at, people.

I’m not the only one with confirmed FOMO, either.

“Why didn’t I think of this first?” a Facebook commenter bemoaned. “D*mn*t my kids are 3y4mo and 9mo — I’ve missed so much potential pizza!”

Another commenter thought Lorenzo’s indifference to the pizza was impressive: “I’m not sure I could show such restraint with pizza…”

But some were inspired. One Facebook commenter wrote, “I will be doing this when I have a child. *insert tacos *”

Now I have to adopt ten babies to get in on the milestone action. Thanks, Facebook.


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